HappyNewYear-main_FullAs the new year is coming this article is specially for the people who are awaiting to welcome the new year and have made resolutions..Resolutions this word is not new to most of you. Resolutions are the aims or something you think to follow in the upcoming new year. Many people have the habit of making new resolutions . People make resolutions but might not follow them or they fail to do so because they are unable to do what they wanted to. Resolutions are made by people every year and they are broken also many a times . There are some of the common resolutions that one can take and which might also be broken. they are mention as follows

1. To be  true - This is a very common resolution people take on the last day of a year for upcoming year. On the last day they think about the lies told by them through the entire year and they think that thats not good. So to change themselves they make a resolution to be true and not to lie . This resolution is very hard to follow as people tend to keep their habit of lieing going. As its always heard a habit cannot be given easily that also goes same with lieing its a some what habit.

2. changing the behaviour-  Some people think that they are very angry and need to change. Some times they become very angry and its hard to control them. People who make this resolution tend to follow it for some time but when they are in some bad situation they tend to broke out with lot of anger.

3. Achieving good marks- Students always make resolutions of studying hard and achieving good marks but this all they say they never follow it. They might study for some days then they tend to forget their resolution .

4. Doing hard work or achieving some goals- This is one of the common resolution that people make and they might also try a lot to achieve it.This is a resolution that might be made by people to change their situation of living or some times to overcome their financial problems in the new year.

5. Staying fit- Some people might be not satisfied with their body shape or might to have something like six abs . This is a very good resolution that can be followed and the sense of feeling inferior than others be removed in the new year.

Thus its clear that different people with different purposes take up resolutions and those who only are serious regarding might follow it and achieve it.Some people know that they would not be able to follow the resolutions that they make so they never try to make any resolutions.

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