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Electronic media is more informative these days. Earlier People depended on newspapers, when there was no other source of news and information. But then only the Urban people and those who well educated where reading newspapers. The Electronics media Has replaced them with better and fast flowing news and information. Today it has spread everywhere, both in urban and rural areas. Electronics media has become so effective that we watch live telecasts. The best part of Electronics media is that it gives life picture and the scenes of the places of incidents.


We can see all National and International programs straightaway and watch the movements of the crowd. That also generates curiosity in the viewers. We all see the news and happenings in TV so many times during the day that it neutralizes the interest to read the same news in the newspapers again. Numerous channels are available in television. Different channels broadcasting different information and programs. Many people are interested in watching the burning topics of the day and are keen to hear comments of prominent people. That makes the matter more interesting and more informative. The electronics media thus updates the knowledge of the people.


The important role of the electronic media is to educate the illiterate and socially victimized people, farmers, unskilled workers,youth and common people of the country through information and expertise available with them in respective fields. There is an appreciable role of the electronic media in contributing significantly in the progress and achievements in various fields, mainly agriculture, family planning, social structure, enrichment of national language, unity, education and political system of the country. In the recent past, television has shown live coverage of  earthquake, terrorism,hijacking,war and train accidents Very soon after the event took place. Some of our TV channels like Star news, Zee news and Aaj Tak are very fast in covering news and information. TV gives all the facts and figures with pictures.


Some TV channels have covered adventurous activities, which took place in the recent past, for example J & K assembly under the terrorist threat,Gujarat riot, terrorist action like Gujarat, Mumbai attack and so on. Electronic media facilitates to attach your mind with the place of happening our exhibition. It makes us conversant with many topics and issues which we see and hear through comments and  arguments of various experienced journalists and prominent persons. Thus, the topics becomes attractive and informative.


Discovery and National Geography channels telecast interesting and educative programs. These programs are adequately informative too. With things like Internet, we can keep ourselves abreast of the latest news all the time. This makes us think that electronics media is more informative than the print media.


But we cannot close our eyes against print media. They have also their own importance and prominence. In todays world there is a tight competition between the newspapers. This has made the print media cheaper, qualitative, informative and fast. The print media always is accurate information in detail. The journalists and editors of newspapers are more efficient and experienced than those of TV. They are successful in presenting information in an analytic manner, which helps the reader to be clear about the facts and the subjects. What we see in TV is only the highlights. Nevertheless, for detailed information, we go through newspapers, which give it in a broader manner about any matter or happenings.


Print media covers all the major and minor information. They highlight the evens, both national and international. Print media is famous to make sectioning of topics with the aim to give specific and broader information..Newspapers transmit detailed information about a business, sports,education,art, movies, share market positions, commercial advertisements, matrimonial and employment, which we do not find in electronics media in such detail.


We cannot disagree that the utility of print media will ever remain informative to help a man in his progress in life. In all newspapers,the editorial page contains the broader views of the prominent editors on the burning issues,which give the detail and structural information about the matters. The intellectuals generally are keen to study such matters from the editorial section of the newspaper.


India is a poor country. TV is not available everywhere. Scenario is changing but there are still, places where electricity is not available. But majority of people can afford newspaper. Also it is widely available. There are some leading newspapers, which are available in all the parts of country. Such papers are popular because of the quality of news and information they give. In TV, we see headlines,but for details, we refer to newspapers for major happenings.


So we cannot say that print media is above electronic media, or electronic media is superior to print media. Both have its own importance. We cannot ignore one...


Print media and electronic media has became the two sides of the coin....!!



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