India is a great democratic country. In the world united state of America is considered to be the greatest democratic country and India is the second. The definition of a democratic government is : "It is a government of the people, by the people and for the people." So the government is to be formed by the people. The people's representatives are elected through voting and they are sent to from the government. So in democracy election is very important. Usually election is held in every fifth year. Sometimes there is a mid-term poll to the unusual situation. When and how the election is to be held is decided by the Election commission. When the election is announced the political activities begins. There are so many political parties in the contest. They announced the names of their candidates. Some independent candidates also stand in the contest. All the contestants announce their symbol of election. They prepare banners for the propaganda. They also distribute pamphlets and handbills. All the candidates attract the voters by promising different items, which remain always promise. They use mike to communicate their voice to the people. They sing patriotic songs on the mike. Every contestant condemns the rest all. All the contestants address public meeting separately and try convince the public the genuiness of their candidature ship. On a few days before the election, on the roads of towns or villages only the vehicles of contestants are seen with banners and flags. All the muhallas and villages seem colourful with the colourful flags, banners, pamphlets and hand bills. Everywhere there is a noise. A day before the election the propaganda is banned by the election commission. In this case the candidates go in group from door to door and from shop to shop. They ask their problems to fulfill after election and then beg their votes. On the day of election there are several booths in the schools, colleges and other public places. The voters stand in queue to cast their votes. Sometimes there is a clash among the party men. Different political parties try to take undue advantage due to which clash and chaos occur. Sometimes the climax gose up to the murder and severe physical injury. The police force and military force are also available there. But sometimes the situation gose out of control and unwanted occurrences take place. The election is the democratic pattern of forming government in the democratic country. But the election cannot be fare unless the morality of people develops. The voters are sold or influenced by so many sources. The candidates apply to influence them the slogans of caste and religion. The whole society is divided under so many camps. The candidates spend a huge wealth and power to win the election. Only wealthy persons can win the election or even fight the election. This system must be removed by the government. The true development of the country cannot be possible without fare election.

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