The board proposed to be appointed by the Centre to go into the Telangana affair should stick to the December 9 time-frame, the all-party Telangana Joint Action Board (JAC) spearheading the agitation for a abstracted State said actuality on Saturday. “They should accomplish to the December 9 programme and accept a bright time-frame. These are our two expectations,” JAC convener C. Kodandaram told PTI actuality on Saturday. The JAC insisted on a time-frame for the achievement of the assignment by the proposed board as it fears the console may end up like the women’s catch bill, he said. “We said some time-frame should be there. Otherwise, it would become an amaranthine process. Like the women’s catch bill, it will never see the ablaze of the day,” Mr. Kodandaram said. The board should be aural the framework of the two demands, he said, abacus JAC has not discussed the attributes of the panel. “Within the framework of these two demands, the board should be alone for accumulation of Telangana. Nothing abbreviate of this will amuse us,” he said and added JAC would abide its agitation if the Centre’s advertisement avalanche abbreviate of its expectations. Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram had appear on Thursday that government would accredit a board next anniversary to go into the Telangana issue. The JAC had beforehand set a January 29 borderline for the Centre to accomplish a account on the Statehood affair declining which they threatened to columnist for accepting of en masse abandonment of legislators from the Telangana region. In the deathwatch of Mr. Chidambaram’s account on Thursday, the JAC has continued the deadline.

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