*It is not one kind of flower but a variety of flowers that together make a beautiful garden.

Each Indian must love his country. There are so many languages and different races in India; yet all Indians are united by common history and culture. The Indian people were also united in their long struggle for freedom. India became free in 1847, but the feeling of national unity should still be in our hearts.

It is the duty of each Indian not to fall to narrow minded people, who think only of their family, caste or city. We should all contribute for the development of our country. Our concern should not be confined to the interest should be our prime objective.

You must have read the story of the pigeons that were caught in a net. They flew away together with the net and escaped the clutches of the hunter. Internal fighting and squabbles weaken the country. All our time, money and energy goes in trying to destroy the opponent within our own country. What will happen if, taking advantage of the situation, somebody attacks us from outside? We will not be able to face the enemy together. We will not be able to protect our motherland. Our freedom should be very precious to us. It was attained by the sacrifices and struggles made by the freedom fighters. Thus, it is our duty to preserve the multi-culture of our country.

The development of our country depends on our attitude towards each other. We all are dependent on each other. People from any one region cannot claim to be true Indians. Each region, no matter how small it is, contributes significantly in making this country rich in culture and heritage.

A necklace with only one kind of precious stone looks monotonous and dull. A necklace with variety of germs looks colorful and beautiful. Our country has a variety of customs, traditions and languages. We should enjoy the special and unique features of each region. India is a land of diverse religions and cultures. Let us vow to preserve this unity in Diversity. This will be our true homage to the great Indian leaders who laid down their lives or sake of their country.




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