Imperalism means control or rule political and economic life of other country. This imperalism done by military or other powers. European countries did imperialism during the period of 1492 to 1763. England, France, Spain, and Portugal established colonies in the Asian and American continents. European countries were involved in wars and unification movements during the period of 1763 to 1870. After 1870, Germany, Italy and Belgium also joined in this group. USA and Japan also did the same thing. They also established their political and economic powers in Africa and Asia. During the period of 1870 to 1945, this imperialism called as New Imperialism.

Political Imperialism

Political Imperialism means one country which politically and economicall powerful conquers a country which less powerful and weaker. They make a weaker country as colony. They use that country for markert their products, and take raw materials and some valuable things from that weaker country.They exploited the sources from the regions of that country. This is known as neo-imperialism. They impose thier political ideologies and regulations in weaker country.The example is imperialism of British by India.

Uses got by Imperialism

1) Getting raw materials such as rubber, tin , petroleum, cotton, silk, vegetable oils.

2) Getting good market for their products.

3) Spread Christianity among people.

4) Getting precious things from historic places.


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