Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is popularly known as the Iron Man of India.He was born in October 31st,1975 to a poor farmer in Gujarat. He was the fourth child in his family.He has faced many struggles in his life. There are many incidents in his life from which we hould learn many things. Some of the incidents show that how good his heart is even though he is called Iron man.

He finished his law degree after so much of struggle. He wished to get the Bar-at-law degree from the University in United Kingdom. While doing his job, he started to save money for studying in England. After the desired amount is reached, he applied for passport and got it very soon. He reached the airport and his brother came there for send off. Patel's brother told him "Even though iam elder to you, iam very happy that you first got the opportunity to study law in United Kingdom". On hearing this, Patel told his brother "As you are elder to me, you only should get the degree first" and gave the ticket and money to his brother and sent him to UK. Then Patel again started saving money for the second time , went to United Kingdom and got the degree.

When Patel was studying in the law college, he didnot even had the money to buy books. So he used to borrow the books from his friend's wife. One day, his friend's wife died suddenly leaving a 6 months old child. Patel wanted to help his friend as he had helped Patel many times. So Patel vacated his house and stayed in his friend's house and took care of the child. While it is difficult for even experienced people to manage small kids, Patel managed to take care of this small child despite being a bachelor.

One time,Patel's wife was not feeling well and got admitted in the hospital at Mumbai. But Patel has to go to the court out of the city for a hearing in a criminal case. The case was going in a crucial period. So he couldn't avoid the trip. He told the doctor to take care of his wife and also told the doctor to inform him in advance if surgery needs to be done. Patel was cross examining the imporant witness in this case. The victory for the case depends much on the statement of this witness. At that time, a telegram was delivered to him. He read it and put that in his pocket slowly and continued his arguments in the court till the end of the session. Actuall the telegram stated that his wife was dead. Previously he got the first telegram. In that it was mentioned that the surgery was done to his wife and it was successful. Even after reading the news that his beloved wife was dead, Patel did not showed his
feelings till he finished his duty. May be that's why he is called Iron Man.

This great man died at the age of 75 in 1950.

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