In India , Govt . office have  become centre of corruption & red tappism. If the same is removed than India can make 25% progress more per year in addition to existing growth. We have abundant manpower, resources . We can lead the world & we shall be living in India where every body is happy & prosperous. But this is not possible  with out  strong will & honesty of public leader . As they  are breeding corruption , in turn these baboos  also become corrupt . Political leader are using these baboos for  own interest, in turn baboos are working for these political leaders & they are also minting money for themselves also ,Why police & defence personnel are also reported of corruption , They are also part of society . They see that these civilian counterparts  are minting money  why we should not be also minting .They find ways to mint money , now a days people are adopting illegal means for minting money maximum people of India are stabbing mother India , this may look odd but this is a fact . If I am corrupt & then how we can expect other to be honest . If this is not stopped , our enemy will take over us & thus we will loose a lot of our persons & wealth & another freedom struggle will have to be started.


My only small suggestion  is to implement below mentioned points & see results.

  1. Fix time limit for courts says six month for completion of trial & punishment & very typical case say one year If a judge is found guilty of misjudgment knowingly then he should be sent to jail & be given exemplary punishment.   
  2. Any application submitted by any public /Pvt. Person to Govt. Govt.,  response time should be fixed say 15 days . If deptt. does not respond, Then it should be assumed that govt. has no. objection & application is sanctioned ,if objection is raised at later stage ,all liabilities /loss should be recovered from salary of concerned staff/officer.    
  3. All grievance & redressed should placed on website of deptt. If application is rejected , reason of rejection, If cleared latter why it was cleared . This documents should demand public. Enquiry should be ordered weather there was some under hand dealing ,then if some body is found guilty then severe punishment should be given.
  4. All deptt . should be audited  by N.G.O. , there report should be made public & a copy should sent to CBI vigilance  if NGO is found misleading fact all the member of NGO should by arrested & should be punished & no member of NGO should be allowed to make another NGO for 5 year at least.
  5. Assets of Govt. Baboos & minister should be made public & assets of there family member & close relations should be made public . If they are found amassing wealth disproportionate to there income ,they should be dismissed and should be hanged publicly within six month ,so that other people may not dare to be corrupt, If any member found helping them should also be given punishment .

   This will result in removal of red tappism & corruption & our nation  will progress & reach new heights.

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