Yesterday on 5th July 2010, Bharat Bandh was observed all across the country.  According to Opposition parties Bandh was the only way to register a protest against price increase eventhough  it meant inconveniencing the very people who were already handed out a punishment in the form of price increase by the ruling party. The first problem to the common man  on account of bandh came in the form of general inconvenience in the form of disruption in day to day activities and to complicate things a loss of rupees 3000 crores on account of bandh.  Needless to say the loss incurred on account of bandh has to be borne by the common man at the end of the day.

If going by media reports it was Opposition parties who were to be faulted for calling the bandh, the ruling party was even worse.  Instead of explaining to the public why prices had to be increased, they simply blamed Opposition saying that prices were increased when Oppostion too were at the helm. At the end of the day we cannot blame either the ruling party which enforced a increase or Opposition who wasted crores of rupees in loding a token protest to stall the increase because it is we ourselves who prefer to be at the receiving end.

We prefer to be mute spectators when our ministers loot crores of rupees and what is worse we re elect the same person not once or twice but atleast half a dozen times.  Everybody knows crores of rupees is spent on security for ministers and other allowances which at the end of the day is borne by us but yet we prefer to remain silent.  As and when an opportunity presents itself public waste no time in burning public properties and transport for the silliest of reasons, without realizing the loss caused by damage is recovered by us. 

It is high time that all of us realize that we suffer not because of others, but because of ourselves.

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