It’s appearing on surface that Youth not interested in Army & Politics. But the same phenomena (youth not interested in joining on two different Profession (Army, Politics) do not give any validity that they somehow strongly co-or elated.

 Defense - pay them more:

 At some points some professions become attractive and unattractive professions have to be made more attractive. If private sector is rolling in profits and paying its employees fat salaries, well tax them and pay more salaries to defense officers. Wealth has to be shared in some logical manner. It is not lack of interest in politics but going up in politics is tough job and probably only new parties now offers chance to new people. All old parties already have dynasties in each and every constituency in the country. Young persons from nonpolitical families have to come up through parties like BSP. Tough road ahead - tough people are required. It is not every body's job unlike that of private corporate sector/public sector or government job.


 Te popular belief that Young not joining politics as it offer less than IIM package is a wrong notion.

Fact is that politics offer to much to those who able to make it; So politics natural selection create a politics entry barrier .Most young who join other profession is come from that family,social,economic & world views background that they are unable to overcome the "POLITICS ENTRY BARRIER

These lead to a scenario in which what become visible that "Youth not like to join politics". Youth should not join politics directly as career. They should first establish an income source for them through some profession. Then they should enter politics as a part time activity along with their profession. As they get more responsibility either in elected posts or party machinery, they can change into full time politicians.

 Only when they succeed in their professions, they will get support of family, friends and relatives for their political activities. Indian defense forces are corrupted as anything. There is as much corruption and buttering and favors as any government job! Plus the creamy layer and quality is not opting for defense forces. Only the average people are joining as u can see in more developed countries!!

 Politics is the curse of India:

 China is more developed because of foreign investment [Globalization].In economics I read, In India trade barriers in India have been removed only till 1991.They existed because of fear that small companies in India won’t survive!! A nation gets as good governance as the people deserve. Don't blame politics because if good people are afraid of entering politics, it’s because we don't vote the right people.The worst thing in us is that we would blame the whole world, except us for our faults.

 There has been so much campaigning going on for voting for good governance in the country at this point. I want to ask how many of us actually know who the MP is from our constituency, how much attendance he has in the Lok Shaba, how much of the MPLAD money has spent?.We would spend hours blaming the politicians but are too lazy to go out and even check such basic information! Everybody would happily spend hours in a mall, but can't take off a few hours to vote. Still we would blame politics. Why don't we start blaming ourselves? Religion is the curse of India. Politics has a self-correcting mechanism built into it and provides a provision to make changes. Religion by its very nature is self-proclaimed truth. People are much more sentimental and are ready to take-to-arms and do moral policing in the name of preserving religion, with only a measured retaliation. There is not much counter-balance. In Politics, however corrupt one party is, there will be an equally corrupt opposition which will bring out the truth.


 I am also engineer. But after completion of our engineering what we do. We go to other country for money. IT sector is giving money easy money to young guys .But what they are doing for noble cause. Nothing .Before joining politics we will have to be good human being.

 In India there are three type of considerations.

 1. Those that have money power. They don’t think to vote as they can buy anything for money.

2. After completing engineering and getting a good job in a good company he will also avoid to vote.

3. The middle class who need to vote as in there locality the public work never completed.

 How to end caste politics in India?

 It’s not that easy to ban caste based politics as India is such a diverse country and caste has got so much imbibed into the Indian psyche that it would take some time and also our politicians have mastered this art very well of divide and rule. In fact the present generations of youth are the only hope to achieve this to happen.

 It can be done if youth cutting across castes n political affiliations protest strongly. The protest by Youth for Equality has made the Government to step back n make some crucial decisions which otherwise would not be made. We had 60 years to eradicate the caste system. Instead we held close to our pettiness and propagated the caste system because one's name gave a definite advantage in education and career. Today the chasm between the upper castes and lower castes is only greater. And now that the lower castes are trying to get back on their feet and today finally we have dalit, tribal and OBC causes finding support nationally suddenly we find our voice about ending caste politics? When caste politics finally is turning the tide and starting to favor the lower castes, suddenly we scream against it. Why didn't we with a voice, open our mouths when 60 years ago, the universe of higher education and good jobs was open exclusively to us? Why didn't we open our mouths when a future president of India, K.R. Narayanan was forced by upper caste students to have a separate graduation ceremony because he was a dalit? All this is not to condone caste politics but to let people have perspective. When UCs and the Dalits/Tribals have equal access and opportunity to everything, and then let’s start screaming about caste politics.


 I wonder why anti-caste sentiment come-up only while quota implementation, not when dalits are burnt/raped/paraded. Why can’t RSS direct its militancy against eliminating these? Let put Muslims on backburner. Long live Muslims/English who made Hinduism move toward equitable society!."Because caste is embedded in our gene ,one classic example for this ,is that we have "Caste" communities" in Orkut, which only goes to show the cast mindset of the educated youth in India"

 This only shows our love for castiesm. The fact that UC related community have got more members than others, shows the exploitative mindset of higher castes. There superiority complex and hypocrisy about merit (at the time of quota implementation) is highly deplorable. The real caste-culprits are higher castes only (includes many of OBCs caste). An SC or ST is not gaining anything other than reservation from this evil. The rest of us cherish their caste. So, I doubt if education can cure this problem.

 Politics is not dirty but in India we've got really dirty politics. It’s difficult to stop this leaders bring their son or daughter as the party leader after their time. It’s as if a family property. They think they are the rulers.People don't understand that in democratic India. We are the rulers & these politicians are our servants whom we give salary in the form of tax. Instead of thy serving us some idiots serve them forgetting dignity & patriotism. We all are only required to do our duties. As per the question of politician’s sons and daughters coming in to politics, I have no problem still they do some good work for our country.

 According me our main enemies are those leaders who are parasites in the systems and also adding more parasites in to system may be any mean.To some extent, we people are also responsible for this stage of Indian politics because we people still encourage foremanship in the politics.

 If you take the media for instance, they want more business and hence frame headlines that attract attention. When I mean headlines, I am talking about the criticism. If you take any newspaper dated August 23 (20010), you will be able to see for yourself the discouragement & blame ejaculated at the politicians. The more the blame, the more the pressure. The more the pressure, the more the intrigue.


Of course, I am not to say that the politicians are doing an immaculate job. But, it's in the hands of the media & the people to encourage them do the proper thing. It’s also our responsibility to stop corruption & act legally.

 By India being big I meant cultural diversity. People of different groups and belief systems. Talking about geographical big, Russia, if you remember, was the Soviet Union once upon a time, but broke up, and China has something similar happening in Taiwan.Also, wherever cultural diversity is increasing, it's bringing with the problem of conflicting groups of people. Take examples of France (Sikhs and turbans), Germany (Indian workers being picked upon), Russia (Indians again), UK (Muslims, Asians, Indians) and also countries like Holland and Sweden which earlier had not experienced such phenomena.

Use any of the below divide technique and become GREAT POWERFUL in INDIA

1) Hindu-Muslim

2) Upper-Lower Caste

3) Desi-Vedishi ( very small though)

4) North-South-East-West-Central Indian ( All very confusing, do we decide on birth place/language/color or what)

5) Adiwasi-Non-Adiwais

7) Amir-Garib-MiddleClass log

8) Educated-Non-Educated-Semi-Educated

9) Young-Old-Infant

10) Men-Women

11) White-Black (good we don't have this a lot)

12) India-Pakistan-China

You can add more to divide India.....

I feel India is undisputedly one of the most corrupt nations in the world. And 95% of all our politicians are corrupt, liars, idiots & hypocrites. Look at how many political parties we have, Congress, BJP, BSP, Samajwadi, CPI, CPM, RJD, BJD, National Conference, PDP, NCP, Akali Dal, INLD,Shiva Sena, DMK, AIADMK, TDP,JD(S), JD(U), LJP ..yawn.

US have only two Democrat & Republicans. Britain has just 3, Labour, Conservative & Liberal Democrats. Nations like China & Russia have just 1 communist party ruling their countries for 60 plus years.

Gone are the days when a single party like Congress with mass leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, India Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi won with clear majority. one more thing look around. See past the politics and politician and look at the real important thing our future. if we allow politics to go on like this the future of our country is sure to be in the dumps. History repeats itself and incompetent administrators lead to the down fall of our country-like it did during the British era. Four years is too long a period for any politician to hold his post. Instead these jobs must be made like the private sector-if you don't work well you are fired. Well First thing mostly it’s full of corruption .and speaking practically it’s very difficult to change the situation. See our is a democratic country. Being only a cooperator or only a Mp won’t do good for chennai for instance or any other city. Everyone and especially the Main leaders should be young and damn educated and master minds.

If only we had motivated leaders with an aim in their minds, only then can our country truly benefit. Our governments are confused between mass good or class good. They have to get more votes to stay in power yet they have to make the working man benefit for the country to progress.

1-Politics have urgent need of Committed & competent young.

2- We give emphasis of Integrity & commitment over competency & efficiency in selecting public servant.

3- We always differentiate between need & greed motivation.

4- Change the public life momentum from achievement to contribution

5- Everyone- Individual, family, friends, Society, politics etc - will ready to contribute to growth of virtue, good if they wish to get virtue, good.

India doesn’t need a mass leadership for how many more years we will keep on looking for some angel to take birth and do something for us. Entering politics is not enough. We need to have our basics clear it's not about politics. you r ready to give 50 Rs. to a person for breaking rules you are ready to spit in public places, you can destroy public property in the name of religion caste. beat people with no reason if you want to change India change yourself not the government. Amend the constitution change the fundamental rights implement strict rules sue the cooperators who builds improper roads. Slap the policemen who are asking for chai pani don’t be afraid of the consequences. Do it to be recognized. Rather than praising our work that we do.


 I guess Sports is ruining all the 'good old politicians’. Imagine how tough it is for them to be in suits, talk sense & not call for a bandh /hartal / strike, because India didn’t get enough medals / trophy. Politics & sports should be separated - no dual membership should be allowed. Otherwise we are robbed of our circus spectacle, i.e. politicians. Down with sports, it should not ruin our politicians.


The President / Supreme Court should declare that,


1. Heading of sports bodies should be a disqualification for the Legislative, reasons that could be given1. Politicians, will not be able to do justice to their legislative function.

2. Sports bodies tend to make politicians take 'parochial' decisions.


Also sports bodies should have qualified CEO, with previous experience in HR / Marketing / administration. This will automatically disqualify most of the politician. The efficiency of the political system depends on aims of the party. If you have 1000 parties with the aim of India's progress it would be a great government. But if you have even two parties with the sole aim of filling their coffers the government won't work why we are so eager to criticize everyone? Why do we need to get tickets from parties? We should not see what everyone is doing instead we should concentrate on what we do. Let us ourselves start voting practically. Great revolutions have been started by individuals. Here we are a group of likeminded individuals let us contribute in our own small way. As for illiteracy we can still do many things on an individual level. We can try to help some NGOs who are sincerely trying to help the people. We can also try to educate the illiterates in our locality. We can form groups to fund the education of the needy. Many things can be done but we need a strong will and determination we have gr8 example of democracy in indianite no matter we have so much political parties. Every person has his own view regarding progress of country. But we the people (citizen of India and voter of India) are the moderator and we are "Currupt".So don’t blame political system and politicians.


If our youth enter into politics with good education background, there will be a change in Indian Politics. Otherwise, India will be a developing country till 2100.

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