This famous saying speaks of the importance of a strong will. You can achieve anything if you have a strong will. `Will’ here means determination. So, if you have a strong determination, there is nothing that you can not achieve. Nothing is impossible. Everything is made possible if you make a strong resolve. A weak willed person is sure to fail in any walk of life.


Your friend may have scored a very high percentage of marks. You too like to complete with him. But, just desire is of no use. Your desire should prompt you to have a strong determination to realize it. Then only you can succeed in your attempt. On the other hand, if your will is weak, you forget it soon. Therefore your strong will is the foundation of your success in life.


A great majority of people do not have this strong will. At the outset, they resolve to achieve a noble purpose in life. But it is not always easy to reach their goal. They encounter many troubles and dangers on the way to success. Only a man of strong will can overcome the dangers and reach his goal safely. Nothing is impossible for a man of strong will. Of course, often they face failures and disappointments. But these failures and disappointments make their determination all the more strong. With redoubled strength of will they march forward? They rest not until they get success.


Do not you know how Mount Everest was conquered?

Everest is the highest peak in the Himalayas. It is also the highest peak in the world. The Himalayan expedition was full of dangers. Every inch of the journey to Everest is a threat to life. Several attempts were made to climb to the peak. But every attempt ended in a tragic failure. Still many teams came forward to conquer the peak. At last the team under the leadership of Sir John Hunt reached the peak. It was possible because of their strong will.


Abraham Lincoln was the greatest of the presidents of America. Lincoln came from the poorest of the poor. He had no advantages of birth or parentage. He had to walk miles and miles without shoes to reach any school. But he wanted to educate himself. So, he learnt to read and write. He had no money too buy a slate, paper or pencil. His strong will stood him inn good stead. He used slice of wood as slate and paper. A piece of burnt charcoal was his pencil. That way he learnt. He became a lawyer, a senator and finally occupied the highest office of the most powerful country in the world.


Even in our country, we have Mahatma Gandhi, the father nation. He was unique for his strong will. He takes crucial decisions after deep thought.


Once he makes a strong resolve, no force on earth could divert him from his decision. Such a strong will, Gandhi had. With the same strong will, he brought us independence. He could drive away the mighty British.


So, learn to strengthen your will. Your strong will helps you come up in life. It will make you stronger to face the dangers and problems boldly.

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