I belong to Bihar and I know well the conditions prevailing in the state since I was born. Even though progress is being felt in many fields, on the whole any Government has not been succeed in bringing all round change. Even after more than five decades of  independence, we are where we were in that time. We are still deprived of the basic amminities. When many states have developed them and are moving forward for being the best in the whole world, we are still looking for literacy, nutrition and shelter. Let us take a look at some of them in brief.

 First and most important of all, our education system s so ill that we are receiving just Certificates of Completion and we lack knowledge. Education is the basis for all other means of development. The State Education Board has always been unsuccessful in doing its responsibility. This is because of un-eligible and untrained teachers. It is not possible to think of a well-educated student from an illiterate teacher. We always run towards degree than towards knowledge and so we fail in our mission.

 Once Bihar was one of the most self-sufficient State in the field of agriculture. We also used to export our production to neighbours and we received good funds from this industry. Still we possess the same power. The main reason for food shortage here is due to inappropriate toage facilities and supply system. We produce but we don’t store it I good conditions and so it is wasted. Merchants do black-marketing and hoarding to increase rates and so gain more. And the result is rise in prices that even middle class too find it difficult to buy the requirements.

 We face problems in health sector too because of the irresponsible nature we have. Good and qualified doctors give their 90% time to their private clinics even while practicing in Government Hospitals. We often hear of a doctor beating a patient or his family in hospitals. How heartless they are to harass the people they have taken oath to treat. They should be first be given warning and if even this doesn’t work their licence should be cancelled.

 A big setback occurred to our state in field of mineral industry when Jharkhand was partitioned from Bihar. We lost our most rich land and mines and now the condition is that they too are facing many problems.

 Law and Order of the state has always been challenged by protectors of the law themselves. We have all the necessary laws but we lack the will power to enforce them. Police Department is not practicing its powers in the right way. They take bribes and no body can check on them. The same problem is with the judicial system. Cases, criminal as well as civil, are continued for decades and results are made when either the petitioner die or the guilty becomes old. Many thousands of cases get closed in the same way and that’s the reason for people losing faith in Judicial system and following wrong path.

 I too believe that we lack all infrastructure we need for fast development. But still we have a lot and enough for the time being. We can have a very high growth rate if we all do our responsibilities towards the society. When we will start responding to injustice to our neighbours, when we will start thinking that we all are equal in Democracy despite all our differences, when we will understand that our weakness is reason for our failure, we will succeed. This is a democracy and we are free to elect our own leaders. So whatever condition we are in is due to ourselves. First, forget to look for caste or religion while voting and choose only whom you trust to be good to the society, you will find the difference. If you think yo can bring a change, then join even Politics. This is age of the youth and when youth is undesciplined and aimless, we cannot think of good present as well as future. Youth can change the whole world with their power.

 And when it comes to me, my priority would be a complete reformation of the education system and its best enforcement. I will introduce practical examinations in all examinations possible to test the practical knowledge of the students. I will check the power and fees of private coaching and tuitions. I will introduce compulsory Yoga classes in all schools. For Police services, I will fetch the best IPS officers from all over the country to the state. I will intensify the trainings and will check the power of ministers in these Departments. Any Government officer won’t be allowed to work in a ny other private jobs. I will improve pay structure for this. I will enforce a Food Distribution System, common to all. For management of Governments funds, I will improve and tighten the Taxation system. Common shelter Schemes will be introduced for all people at low prices. And when all the resources we have are exploited, I will fetch more resources from the developed states. I will invite more foreign investment.

 At the first sight, ll the actions I want to take, may appear very pleasing to everybody, but when it comes to be enacted and when everybody feel small temporary losses, I will lose support. So always do remember that  it is worthless to speak if you can’t o it. A small action is better than thousand hours of speech. We cannot be good unless the whole society is not good and the society cannot be good unless each one of us is good. It is the darkness of illiteracy in our mind that has ruined us. So wake up and do whatever for well being of the society.



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