Significance of the pledge


Principal: children, do you know what is meant pledge?

Monitor: we say it, but we are not quite sure of the meaning. Please tell us. 

Principal: it is a solemn promise that you take to treat all the people of Indian as people of India as you brothers and sisters. You state that you would work with devotion for the welfare of your country and its people. You also vow that your happiness lies in the well-being of the poor and the destitute. In short, you vow to devote yourself to the development and prosperity of your nation. 

Monitor of other classes: yes teacher, everywhere we meet people of different cats and religions. We live together, we learn together, we pray together, we celebrate festivals together, and we are all one family, part of the one world.

 Principal: so you, all have understood the meaning of the `pledge’ thoroughly.

 Moral science teacher: in 1992, communal riots broke out Mumbai. Mass killings place between rival groups. Houses, vehicles, and voluble properties were destroyed by angry and frustrated mobs.

 But, there were exceptions too. In many parts of the city, both the communities are still living together as brothers and sisters. They did not rouse the feelings of enmity during the riots. They shielded each other during the riot period. Some volunteers and good politicians of both the communities played a great role in maintaining peace and normalcy in the city. Police officials worked hard to bring back trust and confidence among he two communities. Then peace was restored. Now, in the areas where riots took place, Mohalla committees have been formed. These committees organize cricket matches between the youths of the Mohalla Committee and the local police. The aim is to maintain peace among the masses and also to create brotherliness between them.

 Peace and harmony are the major pillars of a developing country. People of all ages should join hand and work together. Human chain is organized to promote the idea of co-operation and co-existence.


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