"I will change the world"-so said the white clothed man not white(pure) by heart although. India is one of the most renowned countries of the world where the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose were born. I recently watched a great Hollywood film "The Great Debaters" and i was astonished to find out that how greatly the movie was influenced on thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. Not only this , there are many foreign language movies which are influenced by great personalities of India.

It has been 66 years since independence and we have had a thousands of politicians. If those politicians had exercised their power rightly then our country would have been very ahead of where it is now at present. I feel very sorry to proclaim that now a days politicians could not maintain the dignity and the path set down by the great national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. Every year elections are conducted by the government in various parts of India. A number of emotional and sentimental topics are picked up by the politicians to lure the public to vote them into power. The promises however are soon forgotten. I guess the 'selfishness' takes over the 'selflessness'. i would like to quote an instance. Some months before there were elections in the area i live in Chandigarh.There was one very elderly lady candidate who by her innocent looks convinced my family to support her for the elections.I did my best to promote her as a candidate and she finally won,But i was very disappointed to find out that even after several months of having won the elections she did not show up and did not even try to resolve our issues. 

Every year only a few hundreds of Indians who pass their civil cervices exam and become an IAS officer. When they complete their training at Mussoorie, many of them have tears in their eyes with a firm resolve to improve their country. But soon they become carried away by the trend of corruption.If only one person who has a firm resolve of making their country a better place and does not get carried away by his success and conventional trends the world would become a much better place. We should remember that "A spark can ignite a Fire".

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