The loss of 'Bala Saheb' can never be repented and it cannot be substituted either. So was the chrismatic persona of this man that,'Mumabai' is abandoned for a day and there are very less people who can draw 'Maharashtra politics' sketch without him. "Hitler" in his attitude but yet a 'champion' and 'godfather' for people of Maharashtra. Bala Saheb is known more a 'social activist' and 'solicitor' rather than a 'hard core' regional politician as because he was not as favourite in his role as a politician and this can only be confirmed with a fact that; two lakh people would never gather passionately with tearful eyes and abandoned heart for a politician and more an Indian politician.

Born on, 23 January 1926 to 'Keshav Sitaram Thackeray',started his career as a social activist-cum-cartoonist with an intention of keeping the plight of a common man in account.Bala Saheb as a cartoonist was very close to a common mentality and thus used to portray the atrocities of the poors and deprived Underprivileged ones with perfection and thus,how, he emerged out to be a figure who capitalised the heart and soul of India's financial hub for half a century uninterruptedly. Bala saheb made official debut in politics when he formed the 'Shiv Sena' in 1966. Shiv-Sena was formed with an objective to resolve and rectify the grievances of the people related to general routine affairs and to check the unprecedented growing population of southern states,Gujratis and Marwaris in Mumbai in late 1980's.

Not only Bala Saheb could establish himself as the most respected, admirable and dominant politician but he maintained an unique personality apart to its politics influence. He was specifically known as 'A warrior' as because he fought for people. There are various instances which rationalises the Bala's 'monotonic dictatorship' at least in Maharashtra.Bala Saheb was brought up in a much contemporary political scenario as he was much inclined to father,'Prabodhankar' Thackeray who was a member of in the Samyukta Maharashtra movement (United Maharashtra movement), which strived for 'Marathi Manus' and carried out various agitation in order to have a new state on the basis of language and ethnicity. The whole of Thackery politics been the epicenter of issue of 'migrants and immigrants' from different states.

Personal Life

As far as personal life is concerned he was a strict 'Hindu' and maintain 'Hindutva' till end. Of his three sons,he chose the younger one to replace him to be the next supremo of Shiv Sena. Bala saheb could not resolve the dispute between Uddhav and Raj as both of them fighting to claim the heirship. What I feel about his personal life that he never stepped back from his decision thus making him the dearest of all. He was possessive and defensive in nature as he used to take the entire responsibility of any misinterpretation by any of his MLA. Babri Masjid demolition, Rose day, valentine day all such instances describes him a strong admirer of his belongings, be it religion(Hindutva), Mumbai or 'marathi manus'.A famous saying, "nothing is personal for a dedicated politician", fits largely to Bala Saheb. 

As far as his role as a father(for Uddhav) and grandfather(for Aditya) is inculcated;he proved to be a good one, Bala saheb as he nominated Uddhav and Aditya the next 'commander-in-chief' for sena in his recent address to shiv sainiks. He supported a lot to his son in his political endeavors and maintained Uddhav's reputation where there faiths of the people faded gradually. It was his intention to retain Uddhav as next to him and thus he always preferred him over Raj(Thackery's cousin). Bala Saheb was not an easy figure to track out personally, he used to proud on celebrities(Sachin, lata, Amitabh etc.) that brought laurels for maharashtra but at the other hand he used to scold them for their anti-maharashtra stand.      

Professional Life

Bala saheb would always be remembered for politics on his own terms and conditions,the man who listen to his inner-instinct and never cared about the opposition. So was his magic that ; even after not in power the government had to take his permission to hold any function or sporting events in Mumbai. Bala Saheb affected every individual irrespective of their belongings (caste, profession,religion) through his diplomatic behaviour all along.

I would say, he was a professional politician as because he took every decision and trick to make marathi people to waive hands on his side. He agitated against North-Indians and threw them out without any hesitation. Bala Saheb had the strong belief over 'Indian constitution' but then he disobeyed it by rising hate alarm against Indians from north. He entered into politics in 1966, when he formed Shiv sena but he was in the politics well when he pursued cartoonist career. Most of his cartoons were focussed on government policies and he used to register his differences through sketches and drawing. He came strongly and with firm stand against the atrocitities faced by common marathi manus.

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