The stand taken by the Ajmer Sharif spiritual head that he will not assist the visiting Pakistan Prime Minister during prayers at the famous Sufi shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is not only a bold step but it seems to have come out of conviction also. The Indian State has almost always taken a soft stand to repeated provocations from both Pakistan and the anti India terrorists based there. Even when these have resulted in considerable damage to lives and property the Indian State has responded with kid gloves.

Most of the time such soft response has left citizens wondering at the attitude of our politicians towards Pakistan. It seems we are incapable of giving tough responses in spite of severe provocations. It also seems that the state is almost afraid of giving it back to them. Many times one feels that the Indian State is afraid of larger response from Pakistan based terrorists, if our response is tough.

It is therefore a very welcome stand that the head of Ajmer Sharif has taken in boycotting the Pakistan PM during his prayer offering. The Dargah Diwan has stated that the main reason for his this stand is the beheading of the two Indian soldiers recently by Pakistani Army on the LOC and the insensitivity shown by the Pakistan government towards Indian sentiments. He furthur went on to say that if he were to welcome the Pakistani PM he would be dishonouring the families of the beheaded Indian soldiers.

This is the type of stand India and Indians should take. Why is the Pakistani PM daring to request India to allow him to visit the 13th century Dargah at Ajmer when they are not at all responsive to Indian feelings on the 26/11 incident or the recent beheading of Indian soldiers. Why did not the Indian government refuse him permission on the ground that there is resentment in India over their support to terrorists and the beheading of our soldiers. What is to be gained by being courteous to them. Have such nicecities shown to their leaders in the past brought any changes in their attitude and behaviour towards India.The Indian PM hosted a luncheon for the Pakistani President on April 8, 2012 when he also came calling to Ajmer. In return they beheaded two of our soldiers. When Vajpayee was talking peace with them they replied with Kargil. Pakistan is bent on hurting India time and again.

If we can not settle the issues with them by force at least we can stop being nice to them. Just imagine the PM of a country which harbours anti India terrorists and very recently beheaded our soldiers coolly decides to  visit the Ajmer Sufi shrine along with his family at government expense and the Indian Foreign Minister will host a lunch for him at Jaipur. The real reason why the Pakistani PM is coming to Ajmer is to seek the blessings of the Sufi saint for his success in the coming general elections.

The stand taken by the Dargah Diwan is being welcomed by all Indians especially former Army men. It symbolises the feelings of the whole nation and should go a long way in making the Pakistani establishment aware of the acute feeling of resentment in India of their continued anti India stand over all these years. That this stand is taken by a Muslim priest speaks volumes about our secular credentials. 

The Dargah Diwan needs to be complimented on his bold and correct stand. What Indian diplomacy of so many years could not convey has been effectively conveyed by the head priest's response. One only hopes the stand does not fall prey to political machinations.

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