It is the desire of many politicians to aspire for the highest post he or she can attain. In the Indian context it is the post of Prime Minister. Almost always it is the party that takes a decision to nominate a candidate for the top post either before or immediately after the election results are declared. In very few cases there is a leader who by virtue of his contribution and long standing is automatically accepted as the party's choice. Like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru or Atal Behari Vajpayee.

However we are now observing a unique phenomenon in Indian politics. There is tremendous self orchestration by an individual for being considered as his party's choice for the PM's post. Much before the elections which are a good year away.  So intense is the drum beating that almost everyday he is in the news either directly or indirectly. It is by now clear that his is a well thought out plan, which is being executed ruthlessly,by his supporters both within his party and outside. All possible opposition elements are being gradually and systematically side lined.

There is an aura being created about him being acceptable to foreigners especially the Westerners and the NRI's of USA and Canada. This is being done to colour the native Indians to think that outsiders of the above variety are accepting him then they should also accept him. Further he comments on every issue even if it does not fall in his jurisdiction as the Chief Minister of an Indian  State. Unlike other Indian Chief Ministers he directly attacks  thc Prime Minister all the time. He frequently comments on international issues. By itself there is perhaps nothing wrong in it but in the process not only is he exceeding his brief but also undermining his own party leadership at the high command and Central level.

He frequently keeps talking about the youth of this country and has cleverly chosen Swami Vivekananda as his mascot for this purpose. It is being claimed that one of the reason he should be considered for PM's  post is the fact that he has won the election in his State three times. So have many other CM's notably Sheila Dixit in Delhi and Tarun Gogoi in Assam. Recently the CM of Tripura has also won the elections for a third or fourth time. So they also should be considered as strong candidates for PM's post.

It is said that he has introduced a  unique model of development in his State. He never backs it up withe either defining it or reeling out statistical data to back his claim. In a State which has always been in the top three Indian States since a few years after its formation in the early sixties,today it simply does not matter which political party is in power. It today is on a auto development mode. 

However the important issue is that it is the people of India who'lll be the one's to decide who'll be their next PM. Howsoever one may canvass or pressurise it's party set up, it is the people who will be the ultimate decision makers. No amount of propaganda or trumped up claims will come in the way of the people  exercising their choice in a right manner. 

Is there a plot within a plot to save oneself from some deeds of the past? Time only will tell.

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