It is said that when the Center is weak the states start nibbling at it. In fact Chanakya Niti says in order to reach the Center one must start nibbling from the outside inwards.This is what we are now seeing taking place.The Central Govt in Delhi is finding it progressively difficult to govern the country and also is not able to legislate new policies.

The latest salvo is fired by the Tamil Nadu CM who has asked the UPA government not to implement the subsidy cash transfer into the eligible's bank account directly. It has gone to the extent of questioning the power of the Central government to do so. It has accused the Union govt. of bypassing the states and has stated that the distribution should be left to the state governments.

Sometime back the West Bengal CM embarrassed the Prime Minister on the verge of his visit to Bangladesh by withdrawing support to the Teesta river agreement hammered out with them by India. We are aware when her party was in power how she would oppose center's policies time and again.

The Gujarat CM has taken to himself to oppose every policy of the Central government. He directly engages with the PM and has ready made solutions for all issues internal or external. However he is quiet on the issue of rape till now.

The J&K CM a few days back questioned the different responses that Central government has vis a vis China and Pakistan intrusions into Indian territory. The Punjab CM has openly canvassed for not implementing the death sentence on Bhullar under the pretext that it will give rise to violence again in Punjab.

The Bihar CM is openly challenging the Union government to grant it a special status so that it can get cheaper finance for itself from Central funds.The Tamil Nadu CM decided that Sri Lanka players will not play in matches of IPL to be held in Chennai.The Shiv Sena declares that it will not allow Pakistani cricket players to perform in Mumbai. Raj Thackeray openly opposes the presence of North Indians in Mumbai.

The BJP decides not to allow the Parliament to function. Everyday it is summoned and adjourned. They do not want to discuss issues inside the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha but have all the time to do so on the streets and in TV studios. The paralysis of Parliament has now become a regular feature.

What has led to such dismal state of governance in the country. The main reason is the corruption in the Central government and its policies. Time and again we are observing corrupt policies being followed either deliberately or allowed by default. The gigantic diversion of state funds into the hands of a few is simply disgusting to say the least. That persons placed on positions of trust are misusing it without fear of punishment. The coalgate and 2G gate are just tips of the corruption iceberg. The manipulation of the 2G JPC by both the UPA and Opposition is equally disgusting.

It is obvious that when a government is embroiled in corruption it loses its effectivity and its leader becomes limp even if he himself is above corruption. A weak but honest leader is not able to deliver the goods when persons in his team are corrupt. When he can't control his own colleagues how will he control outside elements. He now even is not in a position to ask an erring colleague to resign and has to come out in his support. 

The dual model of leadership where the political control and administrative control are divided is doing great harm to the body politic of the country.The political power center is not required to deliver and the administrative head is not politically answerable for his actions. This is a unique situation and is a main reason why the Central government is not effective.

Another important reason for a weak center is the fact that no single party is able to get a majority on its own and the national party has to forcibly enter into coalition with a large number of regional parties.This means that smaller parties individually and collectively are able to literary blackmail the larger party into submitting to its demands. How long will the voters of India continue giving a split verdict is difficult to predict.

Therefore the country is in for a period of instability and it does not look like the coming elections are going to give much relief. Perhaps one party will be replaced by another party and what it did to harass will now be done by the loser. Tit for tat. But is anyone bothered about the country?

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