A sign on Patna railway station said it beautifully. It read "AANA FREE, JAANA FREE, PAKDE GAYE TO KHANA FREE" and they were not referring to some of our elected representatives. They have now come a long way. Many years ago when The Illustrated Weekly of India was alive, in one of its issues, it printed a seemingly real but jocular in nature, incident about an elected representative. It seemed that one such member of this class kept complaining to the authorities that he has not been provided with a refrigerator in his bungalow. The estate department kept insisting that they had indeed provided one. Inspection of the premises at a later date found that a refrigerator had indeed been provided but it was mistaken for an almirah and clothes were being stored in it!!

Another time a Minister led a delegation to Indonesia. After the formal state dinner was over, warm water was served in a half cut pineapples as a finger bowl as per their tradition. Every one waited for the guest Minister to start washing his fingers first. But the Minister took one look at the pineapple and taking it to be its juice drank it. Out of respect everyone had to do the same.

Today's representatives are far more sophisticated and intelligent and knowledgeable. They eat in such way that no one comes to know how much or what exactly some of them are eating and it is not food by the way. Some of them are so adept at it that they can eat from any type of opportunity. All they want is a chance.

Nearly one third of them are reported to be from  democratically elected dynasties. They have lot of experience to fall back on. Some of them overeat resulting in their being unable to hide the after effects. Some of them become too greedy and do not share adequately with other hungry members of their privileged tribe. Yet others are targeted by others who are not at all in a position to eat. Some are targeted by persons who enjoy catching such eaters as a matter of principle.

However when they are caught they are not at all a worried lot. A few of them holding certain positions have to resign. They are prepared for this sacrifice for upholding the moral values of the society. For they know that what they have eaten and digested is never going to be taken away from them. And that was their reason to be in the' service to the society' profession. 

If due to sheer bad luck they have to be probed as to how they managed to eat so much without proper authority, a commission is constituted and they can live in peace for a long period of time. Commissions can go on an on. Some of them probe for more than ten years events which took place over a few days period. By the time they present their findings either people have forgotten or governments have changed. No one excepting occasionally a TV channel is interested. In fact past eating events are no longer attractive as current ones. After all the taste of the audience also keep changing. 

Hardly anyone is ever prosecuted or punished.The eaten wealth remains in the family.They emerge in the service of the nation again, themselves or through their progeny. The eating game goes on and on. It is ideology proof. Members of all parties learn this art of eating very fast. They are always Reddy and not Lallus in this field. In fact  they are Rajas in the fine art of eating. They can eat coal, breath spectrum, gobble stadiums and they simply relish land. A multi storied biuilding in Mumbai is good for after dinner dessert to many of them.  They can even eat small chits of the Bengal variety in large numbers. Some of them are deficient in iron so they eat huge quantities of iron ore. Between themselves they believe in spreading Common wealth in an Adrash manner.

Normally we should not be bothered. But it is our weath they are eating and keeping us hungry. HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO TOLERATE THIS SITUATION. Mera Bharat Mahan and Mera Bhar Bhi Mahan.

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