The ruling Congress party till 1947 had as its mission the independence of India. After 1947 the mission changed to developing India into a strong country. However the mission has been lost and these days the mission seems to be simply earn commission and still more commission.The latest 'railgate' scam is an icing on the cake of scams which is becoming bigger and bigger day by day.The Congress is working very hard to become distanced from the electorate. They are now living in a cocoon of their own make believe world where wrong doing is no longer a moral but a techno-legal  issue.

In the fifties, Lal Bahadur Shastri was not driving the train which met with an accident killing many passengers. However on moral grounds he took the responsibility and resigned from his Minister ship. However that was perhaps the first and last time any Congress office bearer did so.These days especially even if the involvement is direct in a scam it is a herculean task to get the Minister's resignation. At the rate scams are getting exposed perhaps the few Ministers left will have to shoulder multiple responsibilities.

The growing disconnect between the'rulers' and the 'ruled' is a matter of deep concern. The disdain of politicians in the young of the country is remarkable. No longer are politicians seen as 'serving' the people but are increasingly seen as serving their own interests and those of their close relatives and friends. Till a few years back when media was not so active,scams would be few and far in between. Now with an alert and competitive media, scams are getting exposed at regular intervals and are seen by larger audiences unlike before. It is becoming clear to the masses that politicians are now in it for business and amassing as much wealth as they can before they are exposed or are replaced. 

One pf the main reason for this sad state of affairs is the fact that nearly a third of our MP's are from political dynasties. They are there not because of their work amongst the masses but because they are born into the family of the politician. Thus they do not owe anything to their electorate. They are not there to serve the people but like in a 'durbar' distribute favours at a consideration or on a quid pro quid basis. The people have no choice as candidates of almost all parties are similar. The democratically perpetuated political dynasties are a remarkable contribution of India in politics. The pro genies and the relatives are free to loot the country's resources under the protection of the politician, who manages the officials whilst in power.

Another problem encouraging more scams is the dual power Centre model that we are seeing at the Center these days. We have a politician who is the party President but lacks administrative capabilities. We have a Prime Minister who is an administrator but lacks political responsibility. The smart politicians in the Cabinet are able to successfully manipulate and allegedly make make huge profits for themselves and their relatives and friends. By the time it gets exposed the PM is reduced to batting for them. He is in fact by doing so is perhaps saving his own position. The efforts are to save one's face in the government and the party.

The brazenness with which scams are being sought to brushed aside is sickening. Parliament is not allowed to function. Legislation work is under hold.Minister is allegedly interfering in reports of CBI and the Minister goes into a silent mode. He does not resign. The railway Minister's nephew allegedly openly sells railway board appointments/ The Minister also goes into silent mode. The PM is famous for his silence. The Congress President rarely lalks to reporters. Congress spokespersons keep parroting that the matters will be decided by Courts. We are expected to hold ourselves till then, which can be light years from now.

One railway minister resigned because of a train accident and another is saying why should he resign even if his nephew is involved in arranging posts under the minister's jurisdiction. What a fall from high moral standards of yest-er years. If they were politicians they would have resigned but as they are businessmen they see losses if they resign. It is time the country was ruled by good politicians ad not opportunistic businessmen in the garb of politicians. But is there anyone at the top who can spot the difference.

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