Whether students should take part in politics is a debatable issue and much can be said in against and for it. We do see students taking part in politically organized slogan shouting processions, demonstrations, strikes and so on. One feels sorry for them for wasting so much time for they are simply misguided. Infact one wonders whether they are even aware of what they are shouting against and the dirty politics involved behind the scenes.


The primary duty of a student, whether in school, college or university is to study hard and acquire as much knowledge as he or she can for this period of life can never return again. This is the time of life when a student can imbibe the maximum, get to know his capabilities and provide a positive direction to his life. This is also the period of life which if frittered away in useless activities, can ruin his academic life and also ruin his career prospects.


A student, before he engages himself in anything, and particularly politics, should first of all know what is it all about. It is well known that politics is a dirty game. Dirty because it involves misrepresentation of facts by one party in order to lower the image of another party. Politics also involves noisy demonstrations, false propaganda, abuse of political opponents, misguiding people and making false promises for their own political advantage and so on. All this is not conducive to the development of a student’s mind or his interest in academics.


An active participation by students in politics would deprive them of the time which they could spend usefully in academic persuits. It would greatly distract the mind and it would certainly be difficult to concentrate on both academics and active politics. In fact at this time of life the students are not mentally mature enough to serve a useful role in active politics. They end up being the puppets in the hands of corrupt politicians. At this stage they would never be accepted as leaders and would only serve to shout slogans and create disturbance.


However, this does not mean that students should totally stay away from politics. They can take part in what one could say ‘passive’ politics. This means they can consider this period of life to prepare themselves for active politics later on in life, just in case they are interested in it. This can best be done by them by studying all their academic courses because politics covers all aspects of life – the political, economic, social and cultural. A good politician must first of all know these aspects of his country very well. Secondly, a good politician must have a thorough knowledge of international affairs. This can only be acquired by paying attention to the courses of study at school, college and university level. Keeping in touch with the latest happenings in one’s own nation and abroad is also essential.


Again, a good politician should also have effective skills of debating so that he is able to bring the masses to his side. This again, the students can develop in their educational institutions by actively participating in debates and speeches, not by shouting slogan in the streets. This would not only develop their reasoning capabilities but also give them the confidence of addressing the public.


Yet again, another very essential quality of a good politician is that of leadership. This again, can be developed by the students in their educational institutions, for instance, by taking various good initiatives, by being the incharge of various curricular and co-curricular activities. This would also develop his sense of responsibility.


Finally, a politician should always have a spirit of service and dedication towards the nation, self discipline and humanitarian feelings. Once again, all these qualities too should be developed by students by taking active part in social work within and outside the educational institution’s programmes.  Students are free to join NCC, NSS and National Scouts and Guides.


Politics is not a business of immature minds. It can be pursued as a career but one needs to have a great deal of maturity. If a student is politically ambitious and wishes to be a politician in the future, then he should concentrate on acquiring good education and developing his intellect. Only then he can aspire of reaching the heights of great politicians and not remain a mere slogan shouting puppet in the hands of others.

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