Let us assume a hypothetical situation. The Indian troops at the border do not fire in return when enemy troops fire on them and in the process some collateral damage is suffered. Later on when there is an uproar at this behavior, the troops say that if this behavior of theirs has  hurt the feelings of the nation they regret it. As per present norms for politicians the troops should be pardoned and allowed to continue in service.

We have seen how politicians of all colors make irresponsible and most of the time hurtful statements. When cornered they usually blame the media for twisting their great statements and very reluctantly express conditional regrets and avoid using the word apology. This is enough for their parties to allow them to carry on in their positions. Yet another reasoning was provided by the spokesman of a particular regional party when he said that they believe in Gandhian philosophy, whereby when someone expresses regret, that ends the matter.

A very convenient argument. While making absurd and hurtful statements the politicians do not follow Gandhian principles but want to be pardoned on these very principles. It is the mind set out of which such statements are coming out that is a cause of worry. It shows callousness and indifference of the highest order. Is the mind set going to change after asking to be forgiven? Only they will be careful in future not to make such foolish statements.

There are politicians in all parties who make provocative statements purposely in furtherance of their nefarious agendas. It is not that they are not aware of the consequences. They know that they will not be punished by their party. They are aware that almost all the political parties lack true leaders. Leaders who would keep the interests of the nation at the top and would not be wedded or welded to their chair. Leaders who'd not hesitate to take action against party men for making irresponsible and hurtful statements, even if it meant that they may have to lose their chair. Such leaders are no longer in existence. Today political parties are run like business organizations. The cabinet acts as the Board of Directors. Performance is judged by not service to the nation but by other parameters. How much is there for the politicians and the party is the yardstick by which the performance of the active politicians is judged.

In such scenario, if a politician holding ministerial position makes degrading statements against a community, religion or services, no action can be taken against him because he contributes handsomely to the party's kitty. Thus he is a protected species. He also knows this and thus is emboldened to make outrageous statements which create tensions and insult sections of our society. In the end the standard of politics is further lowered in our country.

All political parties have members who are by now well known for making outlandish statements which are meant to create division in the society because they target a particular group. They are doing so because they are working towards propagating their agenda. In doing so if people have to be offended or insulted so be it.

In the process politicians are today emboldened to openly express negative opinions on subjects which till recently no one would talk openly. It was indeed considered ill manners. But today the political discourse is such that lower the quality of debate the better the politicians performance.

Today votes are sought not on nationalistic ideologies but divisive agendas expressed most of the time in abusive manner.

The recent statement by a regional politician  that people join the army and police to become martyrs and are paid for it is the ultimate in the battle of insults that is the style today. It is saddening and distressing that we elect such mind set politicians into seats of power. That he has expressed a forced apology does not wash away the sin committed by him against the slain brave soldiers of our country. If people join army to die do persons join politics to loot the country. There can be nothing more shameful than such insulting statement.

Some one observed that the reason the politicians speak like this is because they suffer from low self esteem as most of them are allegedly involved in enriching themselves by dubious means. So they do not respect other professions. And because they think they are our rulers they can not digest the fact that there can be noble professions in the world also. Further they do not send their children into a noble profession like the defence forces so they do not know about it or its importance. It would be interesting to know how many children of politicians are in the defence forces. Almost all will be in the highest paying profession of politics.

The least we can do is to try and see that such politicians are not reelected. We owe it to our martyrs. We can not expect the political parties to correct such members. 

Long live our soldiers and may the martyrs be always respected even by politicians.

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