Corruption in India is very common. It is a subject of day to day discussion. More commonly seen in government offices and can be compared to "tumor in the stomach of Indian economy." It can be compared to an evil, which shouldn't be tolerated. If one tolerates evil, it is same as allowing evil to spread quickly. Since we the citizens are tolerating this crime at a larger rate, we ourselves are allowing it to spread it in large hectares and grow by day and night. We develop tolerance among ourselves for these corrupt politicians and many other corrupt officials and thus this corruption never stops and grows day by day.

Politicians often promise to stop this corruption but often fails to do so. Like all other promises they make and never fulfill, their this promise of ceasing corruption also fails. And who can be more corrupt than these politicians themselves. They eat away all the money of our country during their power of rule, no matter whether they are members of ruling party or in opposition. The money meant for the development of our country is all spent on their leisure. Their bank balance reaches the sky and they keep buying the properties in India and foreign countries. They have become millionaires and multimillionaires. And even after knowing the truth, no action is taken against them.

Due to black market operations, there is shortage in the requirements of day to day needs and this has been causing a major problem in our country. This corruption instead of been removed or brought into control, we are spreading it at an alarming rate. Now a days it has become not only difficult, in fact impossible to get our work done without greasing palm of government staff. We never complain as we want our works to be done quickly. We in this rat race to get our works done at a rapid pace have lost completely in senses and are living our lives by paying bribes.

No body, neither we as citizens of this motherland nor the officers who demand and happily accepts bribes are ashamed of deeds. Leaders or the ministers of ruling party are first and foremost people responsible for this corruption. It's their responsibility to know whom among their administration is corrupt. Those subordinates should be taught a good lesson by taking action against them. But, that all depends on whether they are willing to take any action against them or not. If they are honest, they better know what to do. If they are dishonest, they will not take any action against their subordinates or colleagues because if  they touch one, it's like touching all and therefore their agenda is to touch no one. They are greatly reluctant to punish corrupt officers, instead they often take the sides of corrupt men and speak for them. This is just because they are dishonest and are not people of integrity. They are ineffective and inefficient.

If the administration is corrupt doesn't mean we should bow down in front of them and allow corruption to happily breath in this country. We all must unite. First thing is to take an oath that we would never bribe somebody nor accept bribes from others. Next thing is to stick to our words. Complain against these corrupt officials. No matter whether any action is taken against them or left unheard. Raising voice repeatedly will threaten them.

Corruption is increasing rapidly in our country. We as the citizens of this country should take right measures to stop it. Government should behave rightly and take suitable actions and the guilty should be punished. If right measures taken, soon India will become a noble, corruption free country.

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