India has resolutely rebuffed the Congress commanded by Sonia Gandhi since 1998. In this general election, people voted overwhelmingly for the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) led by competent leader Narendra Modi. India is the biggest democracy in the world. In this general election, the highest percentages of voters cast their ballots on electronic voting machines (EVMs). In 2004, Congress led by Sonia Gandhi dethroned popular Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government in 2004. During that time, government of the day failed to detect an undercurrent of support for the Congress Party. Throughout an election it is expected to UPA 2 drubbings all over India but no one ever thinks of such superlative performance of the BJP and NDA. The BJP has won more seats in UP (Uttar Pradesh) than entire seats won by Congress. Many popular leaders of Congress, who lost this election, have begun showing signs of opposition to top leadership of Congress. 

What went wrong for Congress in this recently concluded general election? 

In the past, Congress leaders have feared to criticize their top leaders. But with such pathetic election performance, many leaders raised questions over coteries surrounding Rahul Gandhi, who is mostly leaders who have no contested election in the near future. They have accused the hired Japanese agency which works for image makeover of Rahul Gandhi failed miserably in the pursuit of success in the last general election. The advertisement agency is clueless about culture of India, idioms and phrases of the common man. They are trying to derive the meaning that working of Congress has shifted to a completely different domain which is detached from realities of India’s life. Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a crucial state which sends 80 Member of Parliament (MP) to lower house of parliament. Jairam Ramesh has the charge of UP which many thought he did not have any understanding of the way voters of UP behave. He lacked minimal knowledge of local equations and issues. They were unable to foresee what creates anger within voters. In the initial phase of the election, one of the contestants in UP of Congress raised serious communal issues which seem to have united majority voters against Congress. Gandhi loyalists have come up in defense of dynasty rules. It seems 125 years old grand party seems to lack good state leaders at this juncture. Most of leaders who form coterie are either unpopular or have their glory past lost amidst past years. Congress was unable to determine the might of Modi and failed to gauge the mood of Indian voters who kept silent still last moment and voted them out from government.

Dynasty name is no longer password for success: 

Voters gave 206 seats to Congress in 2009 general elections. They feel it would be suitable for this grand old party to rule the nation with a comfy cushion of seats in Parliament. Sadly, Congress could not utilize the leverage coming out from a good showing in 2009. Last government was unable to ensure accountability through visible performance. This election proves dynasty name is no longer password for success. Now, enough time for grand old party to reinvent and establish a new Congress. Throughout the annals of history, Congress is full of popular leaders from across all segments of people. Now, it is searching for effective state level leaders still to date not visible so far. In the last ten years, due to centralized structure, many regional leaders failed to foresee the future and slowly faded away from the political scene. Many allies of UPA are blaming Congress, for this drubbing. Owing to faulty leadership and damaged reputation, Congress base is shrinking for the first time in late 1970s. Dravidian parties captured the void space shredded by Congress in the south.

Congress is losing out in West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, UP and smaller states. In the recently concluded general election Congress suffered its worst defeat in Odisha. It slips to third place in term of voting share in West Bengal. In UP, it won two seats represented by the dynasty and failed to open account in other regions of UP. In Bihar it is losing miserably and it performed its worst performance even during its glory days in 2009. In the last ten years, frontal organizations of Congress suffered huge set back. Most of these frontal organizations are accountable for attracting young voters to Congress. Scheduled to complete centralized leaderships most of these organizations suffered huge set back and its spaces are occupied by other frontal organizations of different political outfits. In the future of Rahul should look forward bringing reforms in frontal organization of Congress. 

Congress is slowly moving away from populist sentiments of people: 

Congress is a cadre based party just like the BJP. That is why these parties able to survive even worse drubbing during their political histories. Depending on some estimate, 70 percentages office-bearers of Congress are either from different dynasties or have never ever fought any election. This goes on to show how slowly the major decision making part of Congress is moving away from populist sentiments of people. If it is true then this is terribly unpleasant situation for Congress. Their important decision making authorities such as central committee and frontal organization is both sorts of able leadership. Most of their state chief ministers are either lost in anonymity or have been reduced to the state level. These make a void between people and the party. Decision making authorities should consider it carefully in order to fill up these blank spaces. While studying human resource development in management course, we have been taught of what are different important traits of leadership. A leader should have been a good communicator, eloquent orator, visionary with able determination to foresee future set of events and should be able to stamp his authority in every sphere of life. Leader should not shy away from the media and people. Leader should be able to define the authority and should not be influenced by sycophants. A leader should be hard working and are under a clear, definite and constructive vision which could create dreams and hopes in the minds of people.

This election is a remarkable study of contrast between two different styles of leadership: 

It is true, not all leaders have seen the civilization shift the way it has been achieved in this election. Narendra Modi has seen and senses the mood of people. One of the most brilliant parts of leadership is to find the hopes and aspiration of people and correctly judge the moods of people. On the contrary, Rahul failed to judge the mood of people and unable to get out from its own set of coteries who desperately trying hard to show him the artificial sense of satisfaction which was never ever been there. This election poses a noteworthy study of contrast between two different kinds of leadership and their success and failures. It is all about image building through step by step of calculated move through different gestures while collecting populist sentiments in determining different hopes and aspiration of the common masses. Those leaders who have performed excellent in their respective fields have been in a position to sustain the deep negative impact of issues raised by some political parties. Even before polling began, Modi showed the victorious sense which can only be compared with Churchill percept in victory and magnanimity during strong war of words in a heated debate during the election.

On one side the victor showed his class and became calm and peaceful and the other contrary loser is quite irritant and constantly charging different verbal volleys which the victor manages to make a rich dividend in his favor. Even aftermath of election Modi showed peacefulness and took his own time before swearing in ceremony. He does not want there should be the mass showcase of how distribution of portfolios can create a sense of negativity among some people who have voted him into power recently. Aftermath of meaningful election drubbing, instead of going into deep introspection of what goes wrong; Congress is busy scoring self-goals. Top echelons of Congress and its bad performer chief ministers give resignation one after another and then followed by cancellation of resignation to the utter dismay of the public who has just voted them out. This proves that Congress is unable to understand the mood of people who have voted against dynasty and pseudo secularism. People want reform from this grand old party and want them to make a complete makeover so as to prepare for the future. 

Congress shreds its centrist character to move towards extreme leftist politics: 

The so called sycophants coterie in and around Gandhi’s dynasty have cried foul over this defeat and have reached at the conclusion that due to extreme right wing politics of BJP they have been defeated severely. They failed to realize how they have moved the grand old party from centrist politics to extreme leftist politics. In the annals of history; Congress always balances from leftist to rightist politics. In UPA 2, it has become one of the most leftist parties and making gaga over minority appeasement and completely ignoring secularist character of this great country. The farthest Congress can go from here on is from Rahul Gandhi to Priyanka Gandhi. It goes on to prove. Congress is deprived of leadership and there is no clear cut state leaders are available from which Congress can ride the role of opposition. On the other hand, those leaders who have worked for people’s development and have given their blood as water for the development of the masses is working relentlessly for the people in and around different from life. Some popular leaders who had to bite the dust this time due to Modi’s wave have been criticizing severely to the coterie of advisors as well as the people who have listened to their advices.

There is no authority which can be called as credible without sanction of responsibility: 

 So far after the historic drubbing of Congress Party, its reaction is somewhat not in line with people who want complete removal of top leadership. For this debacle, the party leadership needs to take responsibility. There is not any authority which can be called as credible without sanction of liability. Surprisingly, the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) of Uttar Pradesh (UP) does not blame its super top leadership in its terrific drubbing of a national election. It lost 75 seats out of 80 seats. The five seats it had won are the same for their family members. It was party’s poorest show in election. BJP won 73 seats out of 75 seats lost by SP. It is guaranteed base vote camps of SP. The Muslims are slowly shrinking from this party. It is running out of grip over real issues of people. It divides society in the name of religion. Indian people have voted for real secularism, which was carried on so called secularist forces for mere political gains. It is time for this party to change its principal leaders. Instead they are reluctant to it and now they have removed heads of all district units. Party loses because of some lackluster performances of top leaders. They are not seeing reality instead falling back on measures to remove ground cadres. Mayawati of BSP scored a duck in this election and they are dodging responsibility. They blame the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) for their failure to gain a single seat.

They are located in fear of losing federal party status due to shrinking vote bank base throughout India. It is a surprise dissemination of a party which failed to look towards one of the actual cause of their defeat. BSP lost miserably in the assembly election of UP and now they have been unable to win a single seat all over UP. Surprisingly the core vote bank base of this party is making progress towards the BJP. It is time for serious introspection. It is time for quiet room discussion on war front about what goes wrong and what are the steps that need to be amended and perfected so that in future party can revive from different adverse conditions. In the recent general election, Mayawati on the advice of her confidants have nominated 21 Brahmins and 10 Muslims and reduced number of core vote bank candidates. After poll debacle, there is no such action against confidant, and they are riding high but there is severe action against zonal coordinators who have worked on grassroots levels despite heavy odds in ground situations. It seems most of political parties who have seen drop of their vote banks are unable to find the actual cause of their defeat. 

Opportunistic politicians are destroying noble principles set by Patel and Nehru: 

Father of Constitution B.R.Ambedkar said. “democracy is only a top dressing on Indian soil which is essentially undemocratic”. It is now proving from actions of BSP, SP, Congress and other parties who have faced serious loss in the just concluded general election. These are examples of opportunistic politicians who have been destroying the noble principles set by Nehru and Patel. In the last ten years of UPA (United Progressive Alliance) rule crime and punishment became accepted principles. It is a tribute to the spirit of India and people of India who have been silent for years before voting decisively and showing the doors to the most corrupt government in the history of India. People have a lot of anger and they register it by voting in the largest number and providing course for the most stable government of India. All over the world, most democracies have showered praise for people of India by showing brilliance in turning out in large number to reach out booths and cast their ballot.

It is the beauty of democracy which is providing maximum power to people of India. People have shifted their support from extreme leftist politics to right wing politics which has won due to hopes for development. We are at the turning point of history. In the last ten years, UPA government has resorted to large ministries which culminate into policy paralysis and takes longer time in processes of decision making. People do not know about policies, they want all welfare measures and decision making must have speedier access for them. License raj creates overlapping of large number of ministries, removes single window system and creates multiple points of corruption. People want speedy access to singular schemes and conveniences of government. Persistent expansion of ministries arising out from coalition constraints and corruption motive can be shunted out in order to create a cleaner image for government.

Era of coalition has become era of compromises: 

In 1994, Rajiv Gandhi had a clear mandate. It empowers him to join different relative ministries into one segment. He created HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry by combining youth welfare, culture, sports and child ministry. In 1984, there are 45 ministries and it expands into 79 ministries now. The new government of Modi has a clear mandate and it aims to downsize existing ministries and create block of ministries for development and welfare of the masses. Since the beginning of the constitution, prominent constitutional experts such as Ambedkar and Ayyangar have opined in favor of smaller ministries and cutting down the size of government considerably to suit systematic reorganization of government in performing day to day affairs. A large chunk of ministry is tied under policy paralysis and confusion over the distribution of authority. From 1990 to just before this general election, the era of coalition has turned into an era of compromises. Every government irrespective of its mandate must govern. Maximum governance is the achievement of objectives and it is essential to reduce the void space which is obstructing flow of decision making. India is facing a huge energy crisis. The domain of energy lies within an administrative ladder of seven ministries, Planning Commission, state government and energy regulators. This delays decision making processes and stalled major project from being implemented in time. The new Government of India is under respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken few nice initiatives which are very decisive and significant. We are in the stage of a serious water crisis. Due to illegal construction on sweet water zones various water levels are drawing downwards and becoming emptier. 

New Prime Minister has significantly downsizing government as PM Modi (Prime Minister Modi) tries to unite single ministry which is of utmost importance. There are vast repositories of coals in eastern India. Sadly, those areas do not have infrastructure and communication mediums. Most of these areas fall under the deep jungle and uninhibited land of India. New governments have decided to create railway lines in cool zones of India in order to supplement extraction of coals for creating more efficient energy. The work of government is to create the infrastructure and provide basic amenities in far away areas. Investors come flocking into those areas once a sign of development touches mineral rich areas. There are vast areas of mineral rich energy sources in India which have not been touched so far due to law and order issues and issues of development. When government straight forwardly reaches those areas and builds vast areas of communication mediums, slow corporate go ahead of their welfare measures to enrich those potentials. Take a look at these figures; the number of ministries handling of water is water resources, urban development, rural development, agriculture, food and panchayat raj of the central government and several ministries of state governments and planning commission. If all these ministries are united, it would go beyond 100 departments of India.

This is the result of lagging of decision making and for this it is high time to unite such ministries and make it into a combine entity so as to make room for speedier decision making. That is why it is high time to unite all these ministries of center into one distinct unit. India is a state where woman issues are getting prominent but time to time it is very difficult to solve them owing to the complexity of departments and running of files from one department to the other and taking huge amount of time due to these files sharing processes. The idea of improvement of skills among women depends upon rural development, social justice, sports, youth affairs, finance, women, child welfare and Panchayat ministries. There should be a single ministry for welfare of women and this time Modi government has done so and it is hopeful for future welfare schemes aim at augmenting different qualities among women should reach to women and make their life happier than ever before. Dream of a modern India has always been diminished within the spectrum of shared authority. Each decision making is taking a huge chunk of time and delays project time considerably. 

What is the justification of existence of the ministry of company affairs in previous governments? 

In the midst of shared authority, all responsibility is diluted and implementation part becomes a mirage within an oasis. It is now time to redesign government department to derive proper results. It comes from satisfaction of all aspects of decision making which might have some sort of participative authority as well as compulsory management of ideas which comes forward with each noble thoughts and management of ideas through simple decision making. What is the justification of existence of the ministry of company affairs in previous governments? There are regulators of company law, regulator of serious frauds and regulator for all company affairs. They examine and direct order according to merits and these organizations are administered by professionals who are excellent in their respective departments. They used to act according to the needs and there is no requirement for another authority over these regulatory bodies. These are autonomous self-regulated bodies that provide a strict watch on companies. They have legitimate and punishable powers and they can ban or suspend any company for crossing the line. It is time to strengthen these organizations and create specialized developments in different areas and in this manner plenty of advantages in decision making processes can be executed. The aim of government is to meet the nation.

It can be done with direct participation of people in different welfare measures and provide direct access of government in diverse affairs for people. What is the justification for the ministry of civil aviation? In the past ministry has been in the wrong name for the wrong reasons. Airports and airlines are both under regulators bodies. Regulators provide stringent watch on these companies and issues different notification and policy guidelines. They have a sharp eye on different parameters of passenger fares of different air-line companies. All these regulators are for betterment of people and for this there is no need for a civil aviation ministry. It is the mindset that government works under ministries. Government can work under different regulatory authorities and vigilant administration. The main function of government is not to show that there are ministries in every department but to realize the hope and aspire of people and how to meet that expectation in the shortest possible time. 

It is time to rebalance between authority and responsibility: 

Every inch of India is governed by states and every part of India is under administration. There is no justification of creating ministries and overseeing those lands which are already being administered by different wings of government. If some part of the administrator is being ruled by a provincial government or center, then why there is need for another series of specialized ministries to look beyond such powers which create a bunch of confusion and irrational files sharing and delaying the process of decision making. Man is a rational entity and he always wants to see the reasoning among all the functions. That does not empower human to go for a set of confused reasoning and a bunch of different farcical ideas which can obstruct and collide with different power sharing units and this can be dangerous for different organizations and for welfare of the masses. There should be clear cut demarcation of every part of government starting from center to state and then to different supervisory authorities. In the recent past, it has been seen that some media houses are actively involving in detecting determination of distribution of ministries.

This has been done in UPA 2 and the matter is subjugated and after verdict of court more and more information will come out. This is then proved that the source of corruption and confusion origins from different abstract departments. It is high time to redesign government departments and separate committees in order to provide smooth transactions of governance to needy and right people. The ministries such as education, health, transport, rural development can be united into a single ministry and power can be delegated to two different sets of self-autonomous regulatory authorities, to provide a cleaner and perfect set of government administration. It is now time to rebalance authority and responsibility. Center and state should work united and goes in a coherent manner in implementing different welfare schemes. There should be clear cut demarcation of every ministry irrespective of their administrative ladders.

We can change luck but cannot change neighbors: 

The concept of democracy runs within the tripod of liberty, justice and equality. Democracy evolved from religious crutches of the United Kingdom (UK) in the United States (US) which aims to remove crony capitalism in its own state. France builds democracy on the basis of liberty and fraternity. All these aspects of democracy encapsulate and create a bundle of hope and congenial atmosphere for rest of countries who have adopted democratic ideas. India got its democracy from the dawn of independence from Britain. Slowly, it is maturing into a perfect democracy and the whole world is seeing this as the rise of a new movement where the participatory and regulatory powers of politicians are the common man. They can defeat any party and can make win any party. Beyond doubt, India is the biggest democracy with a large chunk of voters who have franchised their votes in a peaceful manner. The process of a general election in India is on the higher side of people participation, and people have utilized their mandate in the correct manner to bring down the government and give opportunity to their government of choice.

It is a true challenge for the new government. There are skeletons of the past and it is high time to remove those skeletons and replace with fresh humans in decision making process and create a sense of hope and aspiration for the common masses all over India. Inviting neighboring countries in swearing-in-ceremony is a welcome step forward as this creates a sense of unison among neighbors. Former prime minister of India, Vajpayee once said that we can change luck but cannot change neighbors. It is true. There is not the right way one can change the neighbors. It is a welcome step forward of calling Sri Lankan prime minister to India despite heavy opposition from Tamil parties. It is the duty of statesmen to convince the whole of India not to sway upon from demands of regional leaders. In a news discussion, South Asian reporter of the New York Times told. World knows Modi, and they follow his words but most of the leaders of the world will not know who regional state leaders are. When a statesman such as Modi takes decision, world sees in his eyes and follows his words. Now, the world will realize the potential of India due to a clear majority and this new prime minister will be able to function appropriately without bogging down from the pressures from different political pressure groups. 

Is it opening season for dissidence in Congress? 

Among all these fanfares and oath ceremony of the new government, persistent question arising out from memory of Indians what went wrong with Congress? Since the beginning of this general election, it is almost clear of defeat of UPA led by Congress. The Indian National Congress is 125 years old and it had been represented by many great leaders in the past. It is simple. When the center does not have, things fall apart. It is open season for dissidence in Congress. Recently, Madhya Pradesh party unit of Congress openly criticized and challenged quality of leadership of Rahul Gandhi, blaming him exclusively for mass defeat of their party in Madhya Pradesh (MP). Till to date, no one ever dares to raise any voice against Gandhi’s dynasty of Indian National Congress. It is going seriously to Mumbai Congress leaders such as Deora and Priya Dutt blaming lack of central leadership’s quality in creating such a disastrous situation for Congress. It is reduced to two digits and well below 50 marks. This is the time for serious introspection of what goes extremely wrong for this party. 

Coalition of compulsions for Congress at various states: 

Almost two decades of leadership’s worship has reduced Congress to a state of lack of leadership. It is now bereft of very few credible state leaders who are now having to face with infighting from among their own dissidents. Slowly, factional rebellions on the ranks of provincial leaderships are gaining ground all across India. Captain Amarinder Singh defeated Arun Jaitley the seat vacated by Sidhu, which BJP lose eventually. Now Captain Amarinder Singh is revolting against current Congress’s state leadership. All these are moving towards a state of extreme confusion for Congress. It is high time for central leadership to get their act together and make a proper decision to unite their party in times of difficulties. It is true. Congress has risen from nowhere many a time in the past, but in those times, such defeats are not in such measure as of is today. It has been reduced to 44 seats fall short of 55 needed to be recognized opposition party. In the last ten years there was no government and now there is no opposition. In Assam, for the first time, Gogoi is facing chin music due to the worst performance in the state in the recently concluded Assembly election. BJP won seven seats out of 14 in the north eastern state and it reaps the seeds of factionalism within ranks of the Congress Party and one segment of Assam MLA are demanding resignation of the incumbent chief minister.

In the aftermath of election result, Gogoi sent his resignation to Congress chief and she rejected it out rightly. Many people of Congress believe such resignation drama can have adverse impact on the common masses that are slowly moving away from Congress in large numbers. Himachal Pradesh's (HP) chief minister said it is due to bad governance of center. Congress lost all four seats of his state and now where is the reason behind of him to resign for the fault exclusively done by former Prime Minister of India. All these arguments seemed to be in the state of extreme absurdity and only fools can believe such arguments but people of Congress are still not learning from their mistakes and are continuing doing such mistakes time and again. India is not a unitary country, it is assimilation of small parts of the Confederation and all parts unite to form a single state. When an incumbent government lost the election, it is due to a combination of inaction, misrule and state of policy paralysis. Now, with only two seats from 48 seats for Congress from the state of Maharashtra, the position of the incumbent chief minister is as shaky path and it is expected that he can be replaced soon. The problem with Congress after unexpected death of Vilasrao Deshmukh, mass leader quality is lacking from the ranks of state leaderships. 

Telangana is the biggest blow to Congress which has failed to leverage from the goodwill for the creation of Telangana: 

The most disastrous performance of Congress in the aftermath election is the serious drubbing of Congress in Telangana. It is expected for them to perform brilliantly due to honour for statehood for this land by Congress government, but they have not regarded this grand old party with many seats. The problem with Congress is that people have detected, that Congress has kept the matter of Telangana issue for far too long and now at the eve of the election they have created the statehood. In 2009 elections they promised statehood of Telangana, but they did it at the end of 2014. This creates a lack of belief among the different ranks of people who have seen a long stretch of strike and lack of industrial development due to series of agitation and meetings over creating statehood of Telangana. Secondly, while talking of seat sharing with TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) Congress deputed central coterie leadership to speak of seat sharing arrangements and completely ignored state leaderships there. As a result the central leadership though they are alone can win plenty of seats and decide to go it alone in the state. This shows how immature the central leadership is in judging the mood of masses there and this creates a huge loss for the state of Telangana where they expected to perform brilliantly. It is the biggest blow to the party which has been unable to leverage from the goodwill for the creation of Telangana.

This general election has been part of the most fiercely contested general elections. During campaigning for all political parties and medias shared leverage and the most honest politicians which people believe shares the majority among all ranks. Against the backdrop of shrinking popularity and a dismal performance; Congress hosted a low key meeting to churn out their strategies about what went wrong for them and it is expected that in future there should be many more discussions among ranks of leaders to know more about principal reasoning about such mass drubbing of such grand old party. Some coterie of Congress leaders who have been advising Rahul Gandhi, have told Sonia Gandhi about Rahul becoming the leader of opposition to nurture his leadership qualities. Many Congress leaders who have won amidst such humongous debacle have voiced their opinion against such moves. So far it seems Congress is clue less about their future course of actions. But they have five years to ponder upon what goes wrong for them and try hard to find about different connotations of reasoning that can have an adverse impact on their worst defeat. 

Congress is at a crossroads and it needs serious introspection of what went wrong?

In this election, people of India have spoken and they have overwhelmingly chosen a distinct idea of India. They have voted out the UPA government from power which has been ruling continuously in this country for the last ten years. People have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the BJP and they have given their huge mandate to perform fearlessly. Sonia Gandhi is perceived to be the most influential political power center and it proves to be not immortal. Congress has now seen its worst performance since inception of the Indian National Congress. It was the worst performance than Sitaram Kesari Congress president. At that time, there were unconfirmed reports of being shunted out from party’s office due to the dismal performance. This time, Congress has performed its worse performance but surprisingly there are no clamors and no tension within party rank. There was phenomenally successful campaign by Modi in this general election, but Congress performed poorly and at times there were very few persons in their meeting of top leaders. This could have a sign of desperation and party could have shown better performance against non-BJP regional champions like Naveen Patnaik, Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalitha, but sadly Congress has given them a complete walk over.

Mayawati and Mulayam who have volunteered to give support to UPA, have been punished severely by the people of India through their mandate. People have overwhelmingly negated cast and religion in politics played by various provincial satraps and they have chosen for a clean record and performance over so called pseudo-secular politicians. Such was the tension of defeat among ranks of Congress at Amethi was that at the last leg of election Priyanka Gandhi surfaced in the Mahabharata of campaigning’s war and ultimately she failed to increase vote share of Rahul Gandhi that it was earlier expected to be. This has been done after sending Sanjay Singh to Rajya Sabha and giving a ticket to his wife to a nearby constituency, so that its vote bank of Amethi for Congress remains intact. After doing so many permutations and combinations before election, still Congress has just been able to save Amethi seat. Current HRD (Human Resource Minister) Smriti Irani fought directly with Rahul at Amethi and gives a tough fight and almost succeeded in defeating him from this constituency. It proves the state of mater of Congress in which they have been fighting for survival for seats of their staunch leaders who appear to be winning at every seat from where they have contested. 

People have rejected the “Idea of India” given by UPA: 

Similarly, the SamajwadiParty (SP) returned with five seats from UP are from one family and all the other candidates have lost from there. Now, SP instead of amending their acts is giving huge power cuts to the areas which have voted his party out in this general election. Modi and BJP have received a decisive mandate. The opposition has been reduced to cipher. There is no opposition and now every opposition party can say to have the status of opposition. In Tamil Nadu, BJP is the only party to have won a seat except Jayalalitha’s party. It has increased its fees and vote share to a comfortable margin. In West Bengal BJP’s vote share is now on the higher side and it has also performed exceedingly well in Odisha.

Will Modi be the Messiah to transform India? 

In the international media it is widely reported in right wing leanings of India and it is perceived as not a new entity in the world sphere as in most of vibrant democracies are now crutching upon right wing political parties in times of deep economic crisis, unemployment. In this grand election, more than 66 percentages of Indian voters and 81.4 crore voters pressed the button of EVMs (electronic voting machines) to express their franchise in favor of their popular candidates. There are 12 crores additional voters who have participated overwhelmingly in this general election. People have largely liking to vote and for this they have stood in a long row to press the button of EVMs even during scorching heat of summer. It is the most important thing ever electoral battle fought anywhere in the world. That is why India is regarded as the largest democracy in the world. World leaders and world people have been following this election with great interest and deep concentration. There are many left and center wing political thinkers are thinking about how the BJP has been able to get a majority in a so called secular country like India.

There are many answers to this and so called electoral pundits have failed to understand the true wing’s wave which has been blowing across many democracies all over the world. Last year Netherland’s Freedom party has tripled its representation in the House of Representatives. Freedom Party of Netherland is a right wing party. In France, National Front is famous for its open stand on racial positions and it bagged one percentages vote share (15%) less than President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Party. Progress Party of Norway gained 23 percentages of votes. Progress Party of Norway is known for its right wing leanings. In UK (United Kingdom), the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has made significant inroads into traditional vote banks of both Labor and Conservative Party. UKIP is a right wing party of UK. All these European right wing leaders are talking about the problem of immigrants and condemning imminent dangers of ever-growing Islamic influence in their society. The right wing upsurge in Europe is counter product of economic downsize, unemployment, and low GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the state. His top priority is to create jobs which can only be done by growing manufacturing sectors. Will Modi be the messiah to transform India? 


India is not a rich state; there is the enormity of issues regarding poverty of large scale among the Indian population. In the past, few prime minister had a ride to the success of top post by playing emotional care of poverty. Still to date no other Prime Minister has not been able to eradicate this menace of extreme poverty and rootlessness completely. In the past, there were schemes which aim to remove such rootlessness but all these schemes are marred by middle mans’ extra employment guarantees and fails to react to real people who need complete sustenance. In the past various Prime Minister have given shallow deceitful promises and in the process all these promises never been fulfilled at all. Prime Minister Modi’s prime agenda should be job creation, diversification in agriculture, development of rural areas, developing confidence in economy, creating congenial atmosphere for building investor’s confidence, development of rural areas, creating smart cities, containing inflation, finding massive resources for rapid growth,  creation of reliable, friendly and open environments, rapid growth, distribution of income visibly to reach to poorest of classes, a galvanized administrative machinery, accountability, speedy and efficient implementation of project construction and removing weaknesses of administration in all walks of life.

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