The guest of honor

Our country will welcome a special guest on this republic day the 26th January. It’s a usual feature we invite a head of a country every year as a very important person as guest of honor but it will be with a difference this year as it will be President of the United States Barack Obama who will witness the Republic Day celebrations this year. Obviously, when the guest is of the stature of President Obama the news and arrangements have to be matching to his own standards too.  I live in the National Capital Region so it is but natural for me to hear more such news in compare with others living in far-flung areas.  


Guest is god

Atithi Devo Bhav (the guest is god) is an old tradition of our country and we always keep it by inviting a head of state on Republic Day every year and this year it is going to be the president of the America considered to be the most powerful man of the world. The management planning is going on for his visit is in full swing but what is most impressing that India is doing it on his own way and style. Indian government is not agreeing to all the suggestions coming from different American agencies but working according to own laws and plans keeping guests’ safety priorities in mind but at the same time not bending on their knees.

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We are a strong Nation

Our government’s firm decision on certain matters shows that India is on way to become a true world-power in making. By refusing certain security related demands of American agencies the Indian government has clearly indicated that India has learned to behave like a strong nation. The Indian government refused to close down Yamuna express way during the visit of president Obama as the American agencies considered it a security threat for their president but it was not agreed upon on the basis the road was more important where hundreds of thousands commuter travel coming towards Delhi from Agra side.


A good decision

I can imagine the problems the commuters would have faced if the Yamuna express way was closed for two days.  I can agree to the point the traffic on road could be kept suspended for the duration when the main parade will be taking place and Obama will be sitting among the guests for couple of hours but not for the entire duration of his tour of India, not even when he will be visiting Agra next day on 27th January. We have seen that happening while our Prime Minister Modi visited America he traveled to his hotel like an ordinary passenger through the regular traffic stopping on every red-light as in normal course every other visitor does in that country. 



So why should we stop our roads and commuters for someone that will not even be visiting on that road? I would say a good decision by an independent country that knows its own rules and powers. The visit of Obama further confirms our diplomatic position in world’ political circles and the way our government is taking strong decisions simply helps our cause towards becoming a stronger nation on the way to be a world power to watch in very near future.  

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