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Narendra Damodar Modi is the Prime Minister of India. He has had a checkered career and risen to great heights from a not so affluent background.  Modi was born on 17 September 1950 at Mehsana in Gujerat. The time is given as 11am and I presume this is accurate enough. That makes him 66 years old.This is an age  when many men reach their prime intellectually and Modi is no exception. He is the Prime Minister of India and that is one of the most difficult appointments in the world. This is because he heads a nation that from Kashmir to Assam has a diverse culture and language. Though 80% of the population is Hindu, yet this Hinduism has many facets and the people are not one in thought and deed.

I am an amateur astrologer and thought it fit to present to readers of this site a fascinating view of what the stars foretell about Modi. Astrology is not infallible, but ancient Indian astrologers like the Bhrigue in their works have forecast horoscopes of people thousands of years back. So there is an element of truth in horoscopes. Normally horoscopes which are cast are called " Natal Horoscopes", which is the position of the plants and their conjunctions at the time of birth. The horoscope of Modi is sent to me by my friend from California. It is also available on the net, but the interpretations are made by me.

The Horoscope of Modi

The horoscope is based on the Ascendent. This is the dominating star and house at the time of birth. The Ascendent of Modi is Mars and this shows energy and strength. This has carried him to his present position. There is no point in discussing his past and his marriage which are events that have long passed. At this stage one is interested in the future and what it holds for Modi.

Modi won the last general election single-handed. It was a victory that can correctly be ascribed only to him. The reason is that 4 planets including the Sun are in the 10th house. This conjunction spells the rise of Modi.  A decade back nobody could have imagined that Modi will rise to this height. Yet, he surmounted all problems and led the BJP to victory. This is entirely due to placements of plants in the 10th house.

The Napoleonic House in Modi's Horoscope

But again the 10th house has great significance otherwise. It is a house that is also referred to as " Napoleonic house". Now Napoleon was a great French man. He rose from obscurity to be a great leader and emperor of France. But having reached his apex he dropped to the nadir with a massive defeat at Waterloo. This ended all his dreams and he spent the rest of his life as a prisoner of the English at the  island of St Helena in the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles from home.

Sadly Modi has the same dispensation of plants in the 10th house.Sun and Saturn have conjoined in this house and they show a tremendous rise as is demonstrated by his rise to power. But Saturn unlike Jupiter in all astrology's has great side effects. It gives great rise, but abject downfall to the depths of nowhere. Everybody knows what happened to Napoleon. There is a similar chance of events overtaking Modi in the years to come.

The position of the planets in the 10th house  can be interpreted to  mean that in the 2019 election, he may crash to a gigantic defeat. I will say a shattering defeat. This is sad, but again this is what one reads from the stars. I am a supporter of Modi, but I am afraid the stars do not portend his continuation in power.

One fact that emerges from Modi's horoscope is that he is not a revolutionary. Thus, for limited gains he has not followed what he had preached. On at least a dozen issues from UCC, Article 370,reservation, China, Pakistan policy among others he has not brought in anything revolutionary. On the contrary like giving the reservation of 10% to higher castes and violating the instructions of the Supreme Court he has in fact seriously compromised himself.This is because of Saturn in the 10th house and it's conjunction with the Sun. Saturn has always long term ill effects and that perhaps is the reason that Modi for short term vote bank politics  has resorted to such subterfuges. 

Last Word

Modi's horoscope is interesting and in some later posts I shall give readers many other insights to his character. In particular the complete absence of women in his life, which again is a trait that is not found in a majority of horoscopes.

Modi will do well to beware. I recollect reading Shakespear's famous play " Julius Ceasor". He was warned to beware of the "Ides of March" and not go to the Senate. He went and got murdered. The 2019 election is still 3 years away and if Modi pulls up his socks he could turn the effects of the 10th house. But to my mind, he has reached his zenith and when you reach the zenith, you slip. in the case of Modi, it may be a sheer and precipitous fall.

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