NarendraModi must remain an enigma as with almost half of his tenure over, he has failed to deliver on all that he had promised. He talked big before the election, but 2 years down the line, it is difficult to fathom why he never moved an inch in all that he had promised. Modi is thus not a Karamyogi, which in Hindu philosophy is synonymous with action or a doer. On the contrary, he appears to look more and more Like a man sitting on the fence waiting for events to overtake him. Considering that he on his own had won a massive majority, this inertness does baffle. One is reminded of the  famous nursery rhyme that stated: " Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty together  again". One hopes something similar does not happen to Modi.

Let's  have a look at Modi's promises. He stated that he would sanction OROP as per the Koshyari Commission, bring in Uniform Civil Code, Integrate Kashmir by abolishing Article 370, bring back all the black money stored abroad, construct a war memorial, prosecute the leaders of the Congress party on corruption issues, rethink on the Samjhauta Blast, Construct Ram Temple, usher in better days, give a fitting reply to Pakistan and a host of more promises. Did Modi just make them as an electoral camouflage or he really meant it? The fact is that Modi has not moved anywhere near doing any of these activities in total though he did pass OROP but not as per the definition approved by parliament, but the BJP own interpretation that in effect meant just a pension raise and not equalization of pensions as approved.

On Kashmir, he has formed a government with a rabid anti-national party the PDF. His promise of resettling Pandits as well abolition of Article 370 have not gone anywhere. On Article 370 not a word has come from him and that is surprising, considering when in the opposition the BJP was the most strident in asking for abolishing the Article 370. As things stand, the situation in the valley is bad and daily 3/4 soldiers of the army are martyred. What use is his forming an alliance with the PDP as the state goes further into anarchy?

Modi and the BJP have not moved anywhere on the Temple or the Uniform Civil Code, despite it being part of the directive principles of the constitution. Again the failure to act on this important legislation, that is demanded by the Muslim women, is a shock.  Despite the hue and cry on triple talaq as per the Sharia, Modi was expected to lead the debate and ask the Supreme Court to expedite its decision. But he has just sat on the fence and maintained an enigmatic silence.

Modi's record with Pakistan is poor. When in opposition he made tall claims but the reality is different. He visited Pakistan to meet Sharif and had a bloody attack on the Pathankot base. Worse in a joint investigation, he allowed the Pak team to enter not only India but the Pathankot base and obviously there is no reciprocity.Modi has been elbowed out of Nepal and Ceylon by China and he has failed to stand firmly against China when he refused Visa to 2 Chinese dissidents to attend a conference in Dharamshala on not antagonizing China. Yet China des not reciprocate and even restricts Indian pilgrims to visit Mansarovar as well is issuing stapled visa fro Indian residents of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh, which China claims. China has also vetoed the Indian membership of the nuclear sellers group and thrown the Indian request for Azhar Mahmood in the dustbin.

At home though over 2 years have elapsed the BJP government has not filed even an FIR against most of the Congress leaders and Robert Vadera, son in law of Sonia Gandhi. What is the hitch? Perhaps he was talking too much and the evidence is simply not there. The Black money equation remains the same and Modi and his finance minister are reduced to making statements, but on the ground, it is zero.

The war memorial? nobody seems to have heard anything about it including his boast to crush the Maoist insurrection.  Modi has also not concentrated on matching China. One reason is his complete lack of knowledge of power politics and the role of military power as an extension of national policy. Modi needs to read Clausewitz, but he is a man with limited means of education and such a treatise may be beyond his grasp. 

Modi has miles to go, but he has achieved nothing so far. It's a sad state, that a man who came riding a tiger should be eaten by the tiger.

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