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The work of officials of the TA is too specialized, since they need to be aware of many complex legal matters. Procedures should also know that AT has defined itself, both for its internal operations, as for the manner in which taxpayers must bring their accounting and administrative work - tax. Also officials of the TA should have a thorough knowledge of the behavior of taxpayers according to their respective economic sectors, as the size of them and on the most common tasks they perform illegal tax evasion, and even the terms of the fraud in these areas.


It is recommended that intensive training programs exist at the entry of officials to the TA. These should last several months or even a year. Staff members must also participate in these intensive training courses when accessing a higher level of responsibility within the TA, or are promoted to another establishment within them.


Another activity my training necessary constituent short refresher seminars. These should be about various legal matters and its modernization. They should also hold seminars to explain the changes in administrative procedures as they occur in the TA. There is also a need for staff members attend short courses when they have to change their area of responsibility or function of their work.


Finally, as with any other institution, the staff should be able to participate in seminars which will enable them to update their professional knowledge.


The main form of training is that which is done through the work itself, where leaders must play a key role. Indeed, the leaders, but to take major decisions, must delegate the work and decisions and then control it, should be a real professors who teach their subordinates the best way to get the work done so they can creatively can resolve the problems they arise. This job training will be provided with an organization-wide effort in editing manuals tax policies in their respective areas, as well as procedures to be used within the AT. Finally, what helps a lot to training at work is a good design of computer software used by government officials. Indeed, insofar as it is clear and easy to use, staff members may be learning on their own how best to do their jobs.


The higher headquarters of the TA not only has to have very extensive and profound knowledge of tax laws, procedures of the TA, how they act in general taxpayers and the ways in which they try to evade their obligations, but also must be very good managers and leaders, i.e., they must be good business managers.

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