Our news channels has got a new controuversy to discuss throughout this week from our Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor, when he commneted 'Economic class' as 'Cattle class' on a social networking site. I doubt whether this news is worth this type of publicity. Like what the news channels always do, they are just concentrating on a point not covering what entirely happened. Tharoor just gave a funny reply to a question from another member in that site. He was asked that "'Tell us minister, next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?".He replied as this "Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows". He used the term 'holy cows', just for a fun; or may be because he was trying to make fun of Hindu tradition of worshiping cows indirectly, in my opinion too its funny. Nut congress politicians mistook 'holy cows' as themselves and strated crucifiying Tharoor as he discovered a new usage for Economic Class. The term 'Cattle class' is a common usge for 'Economic Class' in Americas because of the bad facilities and less spacing in the Economic class. Our (Inidains, especially Politicians) poor knowledge in American English made us think that usage as huge insult to the travellers in the Economic Class. Some even commented as 90 percent of Indians are travelling in Economic class, without knowing that only around 25 percent of Indians are rich enough to travel on plane in any class. Now before ending this articleI have to tell you one more thing, the most funniest. Yesterday, in my city (Trivandrum), there was a rally by AISF (I think so, not sure of the name) made a rally to protest against the comments of Sasi Tharoor. There is a malayalam proverb related to this act : "Kaala pettennu kataludane kayaredukkuka" - Translating - "When you heard that an Ox has given birth to a cow, You piked a rope to tie that cow" - (Note: Ox never give birth to a cow. Ox is male). 

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