Indian politician Shashi Tharoor is in the news and as is in the case of politicians he is in the news for wrong reasons.  The reason is he has referred to people travelling in economy class as cattle.  Our inconsistent media for a change has shown consistency by critizing the politician.

The question is can he be blamed for his comments?  I would say no, because that is the way politicians have treated us all these years. These politicians are voted by us.  At the time of casting our vote, we know our politicians  very well and their misdeeds very well and yet we vote them. In India, honest people do not contest in elections, and if they contest, we do not elect them and still if they get elected we tend to create innumerable hurdles for them.

These days thanks to information technologies like electronic and print medias and various websites all of us are kept updated of information with regard to politicians and their misdeeds.  Citing lack of knowledge or information is nothing but a very avoidable excuse. It is time for us to show little more maturity and chuck out arrogant politicians.  If we fail to do that , then we have to bear the consequences.

Dear friends, please understand the choice is ours and let us make choose the right person as our representative.


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