All of us are aware of Mayawati  getting statues of herself getting installed in Uttar Pradesh.   There are three significant issues which are interlinked with this.

1) Cost to the Nation and State:- This is done at a cost of crores of rupees, which our country or any state in our country can afford to, especially when we are sourcing loans from World Bank for our bare necessities. Farmers all across the country are struggling because of lack of water or the other extreme flooded with rains and crops getting damaged. These problems are in addition to the existing problems of an average Indian middle class citizen  These crores of rupees could have been utilized for the development of state and the country.  One thing to be remembered is politicians are our elected to represent us, not rule us.

2) Importance of Mahama Gandhi:- Every Indian knows through history books as to how we get our freedom.  Our predecessors made lot of sacrifices for us to have a better future and Mahatama Gandhi was at the forefront this struggle.  Rightly so he was affectionately called as Father of the Nation.  There were many others like Nehru & Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and lot of others, who fought for us and in fond memory of them we have installed their statues, which is our duty and which is something that these great martyrs deserved.  Now with statues  of Mayawati around, we are either elevating Mayawati  to the status of Mahatma Gandhi or bringing our Father of Nation the revered Gandhiji,  to that of Mayawati.  Either way Mahatama Gandhi and rest of our martyrs did not deserve this.

Last but not the last, even the public who have allowed this to happen should not be forgiven.





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