Its always been seen and heard that our elders complain that today's Youth think differently . They complain that the mindsets of the younger generation has changed . And well , as a matter of fact , its true ! Youngistaani's today tend to think differently , almost totally different from the thoughts of the past . And well , i say this with what i've observed rather than some mere thoughts of mine .
And the best way to support my thoughts is by the example of Adolf Hitler . The Nazi ruler who's is known for his order of the vast elimination of the Jews and his strict ways . People had touted him as the unwelcomed ruler and hated his thinking and ways . But Youth Today have a completely different way of thinking . I've met many people in my college and my neighbourhood who adore Hitler . Its not that they support his harsh ways but they like the way he had his Power over an entire country . People today dont believe in ruling for a longer period and doing average work . Rather , they prefer a rule which makes a larger impact and that too in a short span of time .
This may not be for the entire Youth but people's mindset are changing . I know that out of 10 people , 6 would surely select Hitler instead of Mahatma if they were asked to choose a person whose control over power they would like . Its not that they dont respect Mahatama Gandhi but they have their way of thinking . Surprisingly , i myself would have chosen The Nazi Ruler !
Hilter got power and respect out of sheer fear..though he was always appreciated and spoken high off on the face..behind his back people used to fear him and they would fear if they show that on face they might have to face the worst of things. On the other hand, Gandhiji had his own charm he not only liberated the country and gave it peace n sanity but also earned himself a dignity and respect with loads to love and admiration to go along with.So I dont think 6 out 10 will go in to support someone who was no better than a ruthless being and who cared about no one paring himself and wanted his rule all over .. Least I definitely and strongly will remain in favour of Gandhiji

Hmm, the question is about power and who doesn’t like power? Even the most vociferous opponents of dictatorship, secretly hunger for power. Let’s face it; it’s too difficult to be a real democrat. Even the thoughts out here are more about my rights and other’s rights, no absolute right and wrong. I am sure in every phase of history as is the wont of every historian who undoubtedly is likely to be prejudiced by his or her upbringing and social circumstances, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Fidel Castro etc would be re-evaluated with some conclusions being that they were right from their viewpoint.
Now let us assume that we decide on a dictatorship/monarchy. We sure will be lucky if we get a great ruler. But what if we are unlucky? What if we get a cruel ruler like Mugabe or Idi Amin? Is it possible to overthrow them? No, we will have to bear with them till they die.

Again for those who ask for dictatorship a question would be who will you choose and how will you choose someone as a Dictator? Would you want an election for a dictator or would you rather he come up on his own? What is the guarantee that he will not screw up the country? However, in a democracy, people at least have a chance to vote out the party they dislike. If we feel that our present democracy is no great shakes, then remember the “ Jago Rae” ad, and blame ourselves for that ! the old adage “ Yadha Raja Tadha Praja” has been turned on its head now to “ Yadha Praja Tadha Raja”.

The historical lesson to be learned, if at all, from the very survival of this "unnatural" nation is that we do not essentially need tangible or well defined entities, or ideologies to survive as a nation. August 15th 1947 was an experiment and it produced better results than the conditions which the RSS's or western intellectual's arguments for a governance would have fetched. Even today, with a long way to go, on hindsight, essentially no one (wo)man rule, however benevolent she or he be, or however ideologically correct (according to whom, is another question), will be able to address the concerns of this "unnatural" nation, with more diversities than unities. We don't need any hard mould symbols to be imposed as Indianism; any such act , to my mind, should be termed barbarism.

Indian strength to stay as a nation comes from the acceptance of its diversities (in form and thoughts). Personally, I do not believe a single person rule (in whatever form) will ever be able to address India’s concerns in totality. To quote Shashi Taroor - "India’s asset is that it was never a melting pot but a thali — an assortment of dishes served together in separate bowls that nonetheless combine to please the palate."
No doubt, a Hitler or a Stalin might be able to increase the national production level by five folds, or if interested, bring people above the poverty level, impose strict standards of discipline etc, but never can a dictator create a sustainable nation and society.

This can sound bit diplomatic but do consider it once.
I was never against the democracy but somehow I was never with it either. I got to learn this very thing from a film only, here in India; we collect TAXES, which is used by the Indian government for various Social, Economic, Scientific and Militarily operations. Now, here in India only, we got some people who are below the poverty line and lives in some slum areas in various low profile huts. Now to get rid of this slum, Indian government provides them well constructed houses in some society which is actually constructed from the taxes which we pay to the government. Now what actually happens is most of them leave those houses and give it to some tenants on rent to earn some money for their livelihood and lay down another low profile shelter in some another slum. Now can anyone tell me, why in the world this is happening especially when taking over government place is completely illegal and is a capacious crime? The same government who is providing them houses can also stop them from renting it to anyone else and in that process help them get some job instead of just letting them stay on their fate again. Totally waste of the taxes what we pay.
There are many such instances which I can quote where, Indian government has lacked a lot and has actually turned out to be a big disaster. Why we got corruption? Because, we got diversity in our rulers. Now, you will ask why I brought Indian government in between. That’s because that shows, dictatorship is far better then democracy BUT only when we know the right leader who can solely make the way out of each and every problem and could make a statement in the outer world. Hitler, definitely was one of them and to be frank, if we keep aside all the cruel intentions of his, his thinking about his country was far more impressive.

not saying Gandhi ji’s rule was wrong. He was the main guy behind the India’s independence but somewhere he is the guy behind the death of Bhagat singh and many other freedom fighters who could have achieved the same but in their own way, which might have helped in strengthening the power of India as well.

I dont have any issues with the mindset of the youth changing, but hope its brought about by logic and reason.

Has the youth's mindset really changed and , if yes , is this change really welcomed ??

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