Who is Izzat Muhammad Darwaza?

Izzat Muhammad Darwaza,is considered as one of the first Palestinian nationalists, who was responsible for finding the secret al-Fatat organization and he found this during the years of the Ottoman Empire.He became famous when he went on to resist British rule in Palestine and Zionism.


Early Life

He was born in 1888,in a middle-class family in Nabulus.During his early days, he worked as a clerk in the post and telegraph office.He founded the secret nationalist organization called as  al-Fatat in 1911,and they had a main aim for  independence and unity for the various Arab nations then under Ottoman rule.

Formation of organization

He was also responsible  for the involvement in setting up the Al-Jamiyya al Filistinya ,called as Palestine Society,and it promoted the Palestinian cause for independence and they also developed ties with Syria. In 1919, during the First Palestinian Arab Congress, which was Jerusalem in 1919, he firml supported the unity of  Palestinian and Syrian. He also wrote passionately about the threat that Zionism posed to an independent Palestine, and he strongly rejected any form of government rule by foreign powers.


As years passed by, Darwaza was elected as the Nabulus representative to the 1921 and also in 1928 Palestinian National Congresses, and as member of the Arab Executive Committee. He was also responsible for  organizing   1933 demonstrations in Jaffa against British policy and continued Jewish immigration. The Palestinian uprisings occurring which occured from1936 to 1939, was mainly due to him.He eventually died on 1939


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