The Americans do not have any morality. Nor do they have any accountability.

For, only if they have any morality, will they have accountability.

For, they have never accounted for –

  1. Bombings of Japan – I have listened to lengthy arguments, even arguments that strategically justified that the bombings brought the 2nd world war to an end, but at the end of it, concluded it as state sponsored terrorism. Their only intention was to terrorize the innocent civilians of Japan. Why did they bomb Japan, when the erstwhile Red-army had announced a willingness to surrender as early as 1944…………they probably wanted to test the atomic weapons………..and why did they chose Japan, when Germany and Italy were better candidates for testing (atomic weapons)……….??
  2. Slavery – if I m not mistaken, even till today, the state capitals of Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi, etc., still fly the flag with “coat of arms” which is a symbol of slavery…….why cant the Americans once for all abolish those flags. Why is the President’s Residence still called White House, despite a black becoming a president…?? Let’s wait and see how long Obama lasts…….!!!
  3. Genocide – Against the native Red-Indians  (the once great civilization of Aztec, etc.), by voluntarily introducing diseases imported from Europe, purposefully wiping out the buffalo population on which the native Indian depended for food, etc.

A black has become a President of USA, after nearly 300 years of Independence.

A Woman becoming a President of USA – not in the next 3000 years………  :-)

A native red-indian becoming a President of USA – ha ha ha joke of the millennium.

But USA made the world believe – 9/11 were terrorist attacks ??????

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