Congress is a ruling party in India. B.J.P. is a strong opposition party. So many region parties are in all the stares. Local parties are ruling in some states.

Varun Gandhi is youth leader of Bharatiya Janata party. He had daring speech. His voice is very strong and powerful in public meeting. He is hero in the party. His speech was appreciated by Bal Thakre great leader Sivasena. And he said; he had some good qualities to improve his leadership. He will become great leader in feature.

He is a great leader of son .His father Sanjey a big leader of congress party in the Indidra Gandhi period.

Main leader of B.J.P Menaka Gandhi is wife of late Sanjey Gandhi. She was central minister in N.D.A ministry. She loves animals. Sanjey Gandhi was died in helicopter blasting.

Rahul Gandhi is son of Sonia Gandhi. She is Indian congress president and UPA chairman person. Rahul Gandhi is youth leader of the national congress party. Sonia Gandhi is Italian.

Rahul Gandhi voice is slow and nice. He is talking only on his governments develops and project improves. He did not criticize other parties. His voice is attracting in public meeting.

Sonia Gandhi and Menace Gandhi are political traveling in trains opposite way.

His father was Rajeev Gandhi. He was ruled India as a prime minister. He was died in suicide bomb.

Rajeev Gandhi was brother of Sanjey Gandhi Sanjey Gandhi is smaller.

Indhira Gandhi was mother of Sanjey and Rajeev. She was first lady prime minister of India. She was good administrator. She was killed by guns.

Indhira Gandhi was daughter of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru was first prime minister of India. He was a freedom fighter, and good congress leader. His ruling was fine. He was student of Mahatma Gandhi.



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