India is a big country. A great parliament is there. Somaney parties are there. All the parties are participates in the elections. Publics wants good ruling.

The leaders who are required to run the government are also chosen from among these representatives.

Political is a dirty game, but not a game for those who can be sincere and do not want to take to politics for the sake of personal advantage.

Every democratic country holds election to choose the representatives of people to run the government of country. In a democrat tic country every citizen has right to vote, subject to his being an adult. The right brings the people in direct touch with the problems of the country and enables them to exercise their influence. In view of the fact that democracy allows the existence of a number of legislative bodies to function in a country, these respective enjoy certain privileges and powers to help make the lows for the country. The facts cerate necessity for a large number of persons is to take to politics as a career.

The politician is a person who chooses this career very person to person. A person may desire to take to politics in order in wield power, to hold influence in society, and to enjoy the fruits of that power for his personal ends. Then there may be a person who is fired by the emotion to do service the society by contributing his wisdom, knowledge and intellect for the betterment of the country. He has certain principles, has certain views regarding the society and wants those views to be original ideas regarding the reforms in the fields of education, economics, politicks and the like. He wishes these views to be placed at the disposal of the legislative bodies.

India is good country. India is great country. Somaney casts are there and great unity is also there. So the country is developing in a good grad by the best politics.

Types are in political.

The first type is responsible for making politics a dirty game. There are a large number of such persons in every society. These persons take to politics as a sort of business, they calculate the money they will spend on being elected and think the terms of the financial returns which they will enjoy in lieu of the investment made. They are the seekers of license, permits, contracts and other privileges for the sake of making money. It is because of such persons that the democracy is not a success in many countries.

The other type is those who take in politics for the sake of making their humble contribution to the cause of society are the real patriots. Their aim is correct the government wherever it maybe going wrong and put it on the right lines, such a man is selfless, sincere worker and dose not hanker after money or power for its own sake. If he has some original ideas, these attract public attraction and bring him to the top. The public is quite intelligent nowadays and pick and choose the right leaders.

An ideal politician is one who can make original contribution to human thought, who can give original solution the problems facing a country, who can give his self less advice on important public matters.




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