One year have been passed after the election of Barak Hussain Obama to the president ship of USA. Also one month is remaining to complete his first year in White house. Within this one year Obama had received by many world leaders at their own countries. But Obama hadn't received any well known personality in his country. Probably it is due to recession followed hidden , undeclared economical emergency. Thus in recent day, our Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Sing had got the golden chance to be the first chief guest of Obama after his crowning to White House. Now our medias and media persons are in research about what Mr. Manmohan had gained by this four day visit to USA.

Actually the media was very inquisitive about this visit. The reason behind their curiosity was the political tsunami that took place in India following the sign up of nuclear treaty and strategic Co-operation treaty between Mr. Manmohan Sing and the then US President Mr. George W Bush. Both the treaties were discussed all over the world and in India it gave rise to many controversies also.


The treaty caused to withdraw the support that the left front has been giving for four years to Manmohan Sing lead UPA government. But dramatically Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Sing Yadav offered their condition less support which retained the government in seat and helped to complete the full five year span. Actually Mr. Manmohan Sing was very lucky to get this support unexpectedly. Left front calculated that the withdrawal of their support will create pressure on UPA government and would return to the line of their vision. But the alliance changed unexpectedly and what left front expected didn't work. Instead they lost one of their talented parliamentarian Mr.Somanadh Chaterjee who was the Speaker of Loksabha then.

Manmohan Sing was very confident after crowning in for a second term. In the recent election in India he had to defeat the fascist alliance NDA (National Democratic Alliance) lead by Bharatheeya Janatha Party (BJP) and the left alliance led by Communist Party of India (Marxist) - CPI(M) who were their tea partner for the last four years. In a totally unexpected wave Congress(I) lead United Progressive Alliance (UPA) whirled away both of the above alliances. The confidence gained from this victory encouraged Mr.Manmohan to visit the new hero of White House ,Mr.Barak Husain Obama.

Before leaving to USA , Manmohan Sing had an interview with Washington Post. In that interview he cared very well to control his tongue and uttered words that gives pleasure to his host country. Even a baby knows that USA had great trouble in continuing their military power in Afganisthan. But our poor PM  had told if US fails in Afganisthan it will create far spreading effects. He also pointed that if it happens ,the internal wars will increase in Afganisthan . Hence US and the whole global community had to extend their all helping hands to Afganisthan without any interruption. His opinion clearly reveals the chain on his tongue. What Mr.Obama expected was also the same support.

This is the eighth year of invasion of US Army in Afganisthan and still the joint troop of USA and NATO was unable to rise their flag above Taliban Militants. Hence USA is continuously requesting India to provide her military support in Afganisthan. The geographical and climatic conditions of India and Afganisthan being more or less same Indian soldiers can fight against Taliban effectively. If Indian troop comes US can withdraw their own soldiers gaining an image among US citizens. But hope Manmohan Sing will not jump into that trap thoughtlessly.


A lot of papers have been signed in White house by Obama and Manmohan Sing. Most important among them being the joint fight against terrorism. But the concept of terrorism in both countries are entirely different. To US terrorism is the civilian protest in Afganisthan and Iraq against US army. Also US categorise the fight of Hamaz against Israel to free their own homeland as terrorism. Actually in these countries people are fighting for the independence of their motherland from foreign invaders like India did years ago against British people. Now, regarding India terrorism is the Pakistan supported activities in Kashmir. Also India accuse all the lightning bomb blasts and attacks in different cities of India as carried out by some terrorist groups like Lashkare Twayyiba rooted in Pakistan and counted as terrorism. India has the opinion that if a bomb blasts any where in India, a narrow root of it will be coming from Pakistan. But Pakistan gets all these assistance from USA. To demolish Taliban from Afganisthan and to conquer Usama Bin Laden and Mulla Umer who are the real headaches of US Army. Pakistan's support and co-operation is highly essential for USA in this matter.Hence they give enormous help to Pakistan in the form of weapons and other war materials. India gets anxious on these since she believes that she will be the first victim of these weapons instead of Usama Bin Laden and Mulla Umer.

The investigative agencies of US warns India about another attack like last years Mumbai terrorist attack  (26/11).The planning and organisation of attack is carried out by none other than Pakistan based terrorists. India's main demand to US is to force Pakistan to take sincere efforts to stop terrorism. US helps Pakistan , where terrorism grows and prospers. So India requests to US to rethink on their arms help to Pakisthan. But Pakisthan accuses that India provides help to Baloochisthan people to fight against Pakisthan. So the tug of war continues and US keeps silence since they get the best market for arms between these exaggerated fears.

Eventhough India had signed the well propagated Nuclear Treaty with US , the promised helps are not received yet. According  the agreement US had to supply enriched Uranium to India. But US steps back from this since India hadn't signed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) yet. India can't sign CTBT unless China and Pakisthan sign it. They will not sign till India signs. So a dead lock condition exists there.

By his recent visit to US ,  Mr. Manmohan aims condition less help for nuclear energy development. But a single clue regarding it  hadn't received even after the "most successful visit". Also Obama hadn't uttered a word on India's prolonged cry to be a permanent membership in UN Security Council. If US supports India in this matter, naturally China and Pakisthan will oppose the movement. It will break US's trade link with these countries.

Obama makes Indians delighted by declarations like, US wants to be a good friend of " the emerging power of twenty first century" , India. At the same time when India request support to its Security Council post he keeps silence. Thus prime minister's visit to USA helped only to have some agreements to improve the co-operation in the areas of Science and Technology , education and environmental issues.

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