“Politics” this word has become an infamous word now-a-days. The basic definition about Politics has under gone change in recent past. When referred, people imagine some dirty politicians craving for power and doing everything and anything possible and trying their best to pull each other down, just to be in power. But, if we go back in history, there can be many instances found where politics has been used as a tool to achieve goals, good or bad. Some people also say that politics is a drainage system, just full of waste and rubbish. But my stance on politics is different.

I feel that politics prevails everywhere, in life of each one of us. Knowingly or unknowingly we are a part of it. I view it as a tool or a weapon for us to defend ourselves, sometimes to attack the enemies in a battle called “Survival of the fittest…” In his book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler mentions the years and years of politics that England played to remain the front-most power in Europe. They engaged all the aspirants to fight among themselves so that nobody becomes powerful enough to challenge them. This is a political game they played to remain powerful, not attacking enemies directly, but making them fight among themselves so that they remain the ultimate winner.

Another instance could be of our great Indian Hero, Shivaji Maharaj. When he was under the arrest of Aurangzeb, it was not easy for him to escape from his clutches as the latter was too powerful to defeat. But Shivaji struck the weakness of Aurangzeb’s security and made a loophole in it and escaped. The unlawful escape from the captivity can be viewed as an offence from Aurangzeb’s point of view, but for benefit of his people and his kingdom Shivaji had to do. It was not an act of cowardice, but he actually proved that Wit is mightier than Swords. His intention behind it was well justified.

The point I am trying to make here is that, everyone is allowed to use politics in their life as a tool, but the purpose behind it is what actually matters. Today people have made a dirty definition for politics and simply bad-mouth the people involved in it. If we feel that it is a drain, then we forget that we need to enter in a drain to clean it. Today politics has become a race for the survival of the fittest. The one who can play this game best is the winner. Some play vote-bank politics while some try to be extremists and try to get votes out of it. Hate speeches and many more things have now become the tools. Austerity is now gaining importance in this sector. But why should one blame them? When the ultimate power is in our hands, why to allow them to play such games? Not to forget, we are the fittest to survive. If we play politics too, where would they go? They cannot escape and can be our slaves if we play “Vote for No-body” politics.

Coming to smaller scenarios involving our daily life, we come across politics in offices, our housing societies and many more places. In today’s world one has to be well skilled and efficient in playing politics not with a dirty intention though, but at least to protect ourselves from games and treacheries that our rivals may play against us. Like some people may try to use you for their selfish needs. But to retaliate to it and not to allow that person to use you as puppet, there is nothing wrong if you play tactics against that person. “Iron moulds Iron” (Loha Lohe ko Kaatata hain) is really applicable in such cases.

To sum up, we need to change our perception about politics. Just cursing it will not really help. Nobody in this world shall ever stop you from being a part of politics or using it for your purpose. It is just that the efficiency and expertise you show in it is what really matters. If you deliver your best then you are benefitted to a great extent. We can think of our life as a Chess-board. A different kind of chess board where one can use treacheries, game plans and strategies to break their counter-parts on the enemy’s side.

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