This is not a Article but this is a voice of common man who want to say many things to other persons, who never want to heared this

once upon a common man and a rich man going for walk then rich man says that i can do anything which I want so tell me Mr. Common man what I do for you.

common man said that will you please reduse the rate of weathe ?

rich man said How can I do this ? I can't because this thing make my income because you can not buy gold ?

rich main said  I can reduce the rate of Cars.

common man said so please can you reduce the rate of Petrols.

rich man said what funny guys is this possible this is the second source of my Income how can I reduce that.

common man said so please if you do something for me please reduce the rate of sugar.

now rich man laugh on him and said

rich man : have you gone mad ? this is a childish thing for me. You never know that is the other source of my income.

common man : so you are can't do something, you make mony on me, you know that I can't buy car, gold, computer, mobile, tour of abrode and many expencive items instead of you reduce the rate of this but you know that I depend on wheate, pills, oil, sugar, vegetables, fruits, petrol, transport, electricity and home. So you increase their price so you earn money from this. You donate some money on behalf on poor peoples you know that in state so many govt. officers want's bribe to do any work instead of you never do something for it. After any scame For publicity you make a commity for verify this which is already currupted and some time after people forget this scame.

rich man : I know any thing but I can't do this for you.


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