Industries are the back bone of a nation’s economy. There are mainly three types of industries-large scale, small scale and cottage industries. Of these cottage industries have a prominent place in a country like India.

In cottage industries goods and articles are produced with a small investment. The workers are mainly of a single family. Some of these industries are run on the principle of co-operation. In our country cottage industries have been providing livelihood to thousands of families in the rural areas. Mahatma Gandhi realized the importance of cottage industries and encouraged them.

Ours is a developing country with a large population. Much of india’s population lives in villages. Here opportunities of employment are scarce. All the people in a village cannot depend on agriculture. Some of them have to get their livelihood from some other sources. Cottage industries come into picture in this regard. They can be started with a little capital and few workers. Government agencies also help people in running the cottage industries.

In the olden days every village had a number of these industries. Villagers pursued their hereditary vacations. Weaving, pottery, carpentry and tailoring were some of the industries in rural areas. These industries could be run by those involved in agriculture in their leisure. The villagers found market for their products in the village itself. There were many talented worksmen in these industries. Some weavers wove sarees that could be placed in a match box. Such was their talent.

Cottage industries provide opportunity for the development of handicrafts. In places like KONDAPALLI and NIRMAL toys are made. The LEPAKSHI sarees are famous. Dyeing is a prominent industry. In many villages match boxes are made. Carpets are also made in cottage industries. There are several other products coming out of these industries.

With the advent of the british cottage industries in our country suffered a setback. Industrial revolution brought about a craze for goods made on machines. People depending on cottage industries lost their livelihood. After independence cottage industries are again encouraged. Government now provides the needed financial assistance to these. Product of cottages industries are sold through special counters like the LEPAKSHI stalls.

These industries provide employment to a large number of people. They have to be encouraged on a large scale. They are being given an important place in the rural development schemes.

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