India is a country with various cultures,traditions,languages,religions etc.Each and every state in India has popularity of its own.If we notice few things it is evident that north eastern states of India are not given equal importance when compared to northern and southern states of India.This is now time to know about Nagaland,a beautiful state of India.The capital of Nagaland is Kohima and the common language  used by the people is Nagamees.Mountains and deep valleys combine together to form this paradise(Nagaland).Majority of the people are christians and they are tribal people.Their language don't have scriptures.People of different part of the state speak their own tribal language but every one knows Nagamees.Climate is very cold and sun appears for very few months only.Due to rain most of the time landslide occurs, thus affects the traffic.Most of the places in Nagaland are rural and transport facilities are not modern. People of Nagaland are generally very humble,kind and they are not selfish.The food they eat are very different.Most of the people are non vegetarian. They eat pork(pig),chicken,dog etc.They prefer to eat boiled meat rather than fried one.Thus our government has to take step to develop this wonderful state.Its a nice place to visit so whenever you get a chance dont miss to visit this place.Proud to be an Indian 

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