Our mother land India, is a vast country, but not of any particular religion, language, caste, race or tribe. It is a composite cultural entity which has given a distinct identity of Indian ness to all its nationals. The diversities of languages, religions, faiths and beliefs have enriched our cultural heritage making it a dynamic society. We find the special feature of unity in diversity in India only. Therefore, it is our duty to respect the religions, castes, languages, beliefs and cultures of other people. We should never feel different from other Indians who are different from us in language, food religion or caste.

There are some bad elements of vested interest that still to try to divide the country in he name of if religion, caste, community or language. Such elements should be check-mated. Their wrong intentions should be smashed. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, has rightly remarked-

Who lives, life India dies?

Who dies, if India lives?

You must read the life – sketch of great men to enlighten and encourage yourselves about the path they took to serve the country. At present you don not have to be warriors to serve the country. You have to be sensitive enough to know her needs. The demand of the situation is to eradicate poverty, castes, communalism, etc. There is the real threats tour freedom. To fight out these forces as a true patriot should be your aim in life. We should get inspiration of patriotism and sacrifice from the lives of great men of India. `Live and live’ should be the motto our lives.

Dear friends, don’t forger, a true patriot becomes and ideal or a model figure for the following generations. Narrow – mindedness hampers the pace of progress and weakness the country. So show ideal human behavior with a spirit of dedication towards duty and patience. Try establishing examples of good behavior to all religions and communities and beliefs of others. Respect your national anthem, national song, national Flag etc. learn to keep your country above everything else. Try being the worthy citizen of India.


Do all the good you can

In all the ways you can

At all the places you can

To all the people you can


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