Swami Vivekananda merged into Maha Samadhi before his 40th birthday. His age cannot be counted in number of years. The message that he has given to the world in just years, need more than 1500 years to be fully realized.


Presented here is the importance in meaning of word ‘Sacrifice’, in eyes of Vivekananda. The age in which he gave such thoughts to the world, is not just valid in that age itself, but it is valid for ever and for everybody.


  • Everything can be sacrificed for Truth, but Truth cannot be sacrificed for anything.
  • Great work can be finished by virtue of great sacrifice itself.
  • For liberation of others, even if you have to go to hell, then sacrifice your liberation for this. There is no liberation on this earth that I can say mine.
  • Liberation is only for those who sacrifice everything for others. And those who lament “My Liberation” day and night, they are rejecting all the good they migh have at present and in the future.
  • Don’t ask anything, don’t expect anything from anybody. Whatever you want to give, give that and that will come back to you thousand times, but don’t think for it now. Your power is only to give. Just sacrifice and the leave everything else to God.
  • There is no religion bigger than Sacrifice. The cheapest person is one whose hands are open to receive and the greatest person is one whose hands move to give. Hands were made just for giving. Even if you are dying hungry, give your last piece of bread to one who asks you for it or one who is in need. If you die doing this, you will be liberated. You will receive Godliness.
  • Don’t think for your prestige. Sacrifice it. If for feeding hungry you have to sacrifice you name, property and everything you have, sacrifice it and you will be doing something greater than even knowledge, Yoga and Meditation. These things are incomparable to Sacrifice.
  • India needs sacrifice of at least thousands of her humans. But understand that she needs sacrifice of humans and not of animals.
  • Any religious body starts to decay on the day it starts worshipping rich.
  • Summary of all this is Sacrifice. Without sacrifice, nobody can whole-heartedly work for others. A sacrificing person looks everybody with equal eyes, then how do you think that your wife and your sons are closer to you than others. God is dying hungry on your door and you are engaged filling stomach of your family only. Isn’t it animal nature?
  • We should always remember that we are under debt of the society and even then society doesn’t ask us for anything. We are lucky to have received opportunity for giving something to the society. By doing good to the society, we actually do good for ourselves.
  • Standing at height and keeping some money in your hands, never say “Beggar, take this.” But be generous to the poor for his presence there so that you received an opportunity to help him. Good luck is not of one who receives, but of the giver.
  • Sacrifice is most beneficial, but people don’t have courage and patience for it.
  • Be great. Any great work cannot be completed without Sacrifice. For the creation of this world, the creator himself had to sacrifice. Come, leave back your belongings and prestige and sacrifice even your life for building a human chain so that millions can cross this sea of Maya. Bring all the positive energy at the center. Don’t look for the flag you are taking, don’t look for the colors you are bringing. Instead mix all those colors and form the pure White light of love. Our duty is just to do whatever our duty is, result does not come under our authority. Result will decide for itself.
  • Always take the seat of giver in this world. Give everything of yours and don’t expect anything at all. Give love, give help, do service and give whatever small you can and save yourself from the thought of a seller. Don’t keep any condition and you won’t be asked for any condition. Give to everybody in the same way as God gives us.


These great thoughts of this great person, if practiced even in small extent, can change our lives and seek us purity of mind and heart. Even though Swamiji had taken Sanyasa, he worked for the world as a Karmayogi. He can be said the perfect person of the Kalyuga. I always try to follow his beliefs but I fail every time. Then I seek His grace to give me strength to follow his path. Come with me and help me Realise Truth while you too get nearer to God.

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