Great Saint - Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak was born in November,1469 at the village of Talwandi, now Known as Nankana Sahib.He was
Sikh and Great Saint.
His father's name was Mehta Kalu. While a child , he bagan to show signs of future greatness. He was quiet
and thoughtful, ans delighted in keeping in company of holy men, and listening to their talk about God. He
did not mix with other boys of his age but always remained all by himself. When he became a little older,he
was sent to school, but he was not interested in the things taught there, and so he told his father that he did
not wish to attend school. His father felt a little anxious about him, but when he found that he was determined
not to go to school, he sent him to his fields tolook after the cattle. Nanak liked this work because it brought
him in touch with nature and its simple creatures.
Moreover, in the open fields he got many opportunities to think about God. He would allow the cattle to move
about freely while he himself sat down under a tree and thought of the beauties of nature.
Once he was so lost in thought that the straying cattle entered the fields of some neighbours and trod down
their crops. The neighbours got very angry and went to his father to complain against his son. Nanak was
sent for and taken to task by his father. He, however,replied that the crops were not spoilt.
"Are we telling lies ?" asked the neighbours angrilly.
"I do not know about that," quietly replied Nanak,"but I am sure your crops have suffered no damage."
Nanak Father's looked a little surprised, because he knew his son never told a lie. Then one of the neighbours
suggested that they go to the fields and find out the truth for themselves. This they did, but imagine their
surprise,when,on reaching their fields,they found all the crops unspoilt and moving in the breeze. They could
not believe their eyes, for only a short time ago they had seen the cattle amongst their crops. They looked at
Nanak in great wonder and felt sure that he possessed some strange powers.

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