Japan is the Country of active people and lots of ancient history is there of Japan.The Government of Japan is Unitary Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional monarchy.Still in this Country,there is an Emperor who rules the country. The first Emperor of Japan was Jimmo and it is said that in 660 A.D,he was having the power to rule the Country.But,when we look at the writer in Japan,the ancient writer,authors,had wrote that in 400 A.D,the country called Japan came into existence.At that time,Yamoto people,used to rule the country. Koyoto was the Central city of the country.During this age,due to the relation of Japan with Korea,the Buddh Religion awareness was there in the country.On the Japan rulers,there was huge effect of china's Culture.After this age,due to stronger Landlords,the effect of Emperor on the people was decreased. But as we say that if one cruel person goes,another cruel come in its place. In the same way,the Samurai warrior arrived and the strength of Soldiers,became more strong.In 1192 A.D Minamoto Ancestry's Leader Yaritomo established his Governance and it was established with name "Shagun" . In 1860 A.D,this Governance came to an end and Menu named Governance,came into existence. Menu has improved the Policy and Economy of Japan. He was said to be one of the honest Emperor in Japan. During his leadership,Japan emerged from Mid Era and his power was spread till Taiwan and Manchuria. In he first World War,Japan has taken power on Pacific Island,which was ruled by German Governance. But in the Second World War,America has dropped 2 atomic Bomb,one on Hiroshima and one on Nagashaki. Lots of  people died in Japan,due to this incident,Japan still faces,its eradication.America's General Douglas MacArthur,became the supreme Commander of Japan,after Second World War.


          After the second World War,there was inflation in the country,but Japan came out of inflation very quickly and from there,Japan didn't saw anything back and is now progressing at a rapid speed. We see Japan as one of the best progressive country in World and No.1 in Asia. In 2010,Japan's National Income was 4.13 Trillion Dollar.In Japan,there is scarcity of property as we often see Earthquakes coming here. Also, the volcanoes Eruption is there,which makes the situation even more worst. Only 12% of Land,the Farmers could do farming. In Japan,industrial Growth can normalize the effect of farming inflation. In the field of Technology,the Country is the best in the world. In Technology,this country is well developed in fields like Motor Car,Electronics,machine Tools,steel and the metal which do not contain iron,chemical technology and cloth industry.



          Since 1000 Years, Japan's Culture is progressing.In the Shogun Governance,Japan was little separated ans was put down,but now,its culture is been diversified now. Its effect is been spread to European as well as to America. There is an old tradition of Samurai culture " Gayisha", the tradition dree of Women " Kimono" The Process of tea making,tea serving and drinking is very special.After the improvement in menu Governance, the writer's,Literature's,Painter's and Singer's progress is growing rapidly. Japan is free counrty and due to its business and Comerce relation with other Countries,the effect of other's Culture is also there in this country.traditional dress of Japan





  Japan's various variety of food is been famous in America,Europe and in many other countries of Asia. In this Sushi,tempura and toriyaki are famous recepies of it. Japan is situated near sea,so the fish and other sea creatures also comes in Japan's receipes. In Japan,the meat of Whale is been used very much in Japan. There are vaious different varieties of Whale meat,which is used in daily diet. Japan's staple diet contains Rice, sea Kodu,various types of Pickles and boiled vegetables are used. People of Japan lives longer and the reason of living is their food.





          The traditional clothes of Women " Kimono" is the speiciality and the spa,bathing is also unique.The process of tea making,tea serving and sumo wrestlingdrinking,different-different development in Gardening,the music of Japan,Sumo Wrestling,Open Spa Bathing,Samurai, Sword fighting. Buddh and Shinto festival and the wedding. These Culture and tradition are also followed in Neighboring Countries.Samurai Warriors











               Gardening in Japan




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