India achieved its independence on 15th August, 1947. India had seen a lot of bloodshed for freeing itself from the clutches of the British. But, has India really got rid of the British? Isn't India still ruled by the British influence.

Though the British have left our country, their imprints are still dazzling in such a way that mesmerizes Indian people. The main problem with the Indian people is that they think the way they are told to do. As the British looked down upon the Indians considering them inferior creatures and wore a label of "Superior creatures" to them themselves, the Indians thought the same. They love to think the same still. This clearly proves that we don't have our own ideas, thoughts, honors and all sorts of other qualities which we think we "Great Indians" possess. We come to a conclusion that we love to think ourselves inferior and hence, we should look forward to the British as our lords and ape them.

Today, it would not be wrong to say "From the ways of living to the means of entertainment in our lives, western culture dominates". Even the village and the rural countryside do not lag behind for the participation in this mad race of becoming westernized. The glamour of big cities attracts the younger generation to cinema halls. Restaurants and discotheques, bunking classes and truancy are becoming common in schools and colleges. Fed on coca-culture, pop music and disco dance, the youngsters are forgetting their traditional values completely. In their blind aping of western "Simple living and high thinking" seems old fashioned and outdated. The gap between the young and the old is widening gradually as the youth is developing a rebellious attitude towards everything.

Where will all this lead the younger generation to? Faith should be restored in our own Indian culture by organizing programs highlighting the rich cultural heritage of India. The energies of the young must be employed in constructive way so that they feel proud of being what they are really. These days, students are seen to devote their time more to westernization than to studies. As soon as a boy or a girl joins a college, there occurs a marvelous chance in  him or her. Simplicity takes wings and there comes ostentation in its place. Their gait is changed, their way of conversation assumes a different modulation and their behavior gets stricken with artificially. They strut like peacocks and fly like butterflies. This all is due to the westernization. It is the main root of all these reasons.

The growing influence of western culture is also a cause of ever-widening gulf between the parents and their child which is popularly known as a generation gap. It is the influence of western culture which is based on materialism and is completely devoid of family feelings, where the institution of joint family does not exist. Lust for modernity in the form of western dress, western music and pop dance leads our younger generation to adopt western culture and western civilization.

So, reduction of westernization is the need of the hour. We should remain acquainted with the foreign languages, western culture and the activities of the West but should not follow them blindly throwing our own culture on the streets and preserving it both inside and outside the country.

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