There, is one proverb in English which is about “shadow and the substations”. While searching for primary objectives of life, humans tend to leave important matters and run behind minor objectives. In this way, primary objectives are ignored. By putting the primary objective in the back burner and running towards the shadow of objectives is not going to reach you anywhere. For ages, these conflicts affect the humans. According to one Odia proverb, for humans, branches of mango trees are more important than worshipping and chanting of hymns. The contradictions of life are existing since times of “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”. Here, are four such examples of shadow following of objectives and running hard to reach never ending mirage.


People perceive a good infrastructure is the symbol of good quality education. Now the definition of education institutions is redefined. It is about exquisite glass filled rooms, park at the front of education al premises, air-conditioned rooms, digital projection, digital pen, and computer and Wi-Fi Internet. All these are minor or secondary objective for education. The principal objectives of schooling are hiring of excellent quality teaching staffs, superb formulation of curriculum, satisfactory quality of books, teaching process, and imparting practical learning. They are giving commercial advertisements about infrastructure and facilities inside educational institutions. They are ignoring the primary objectives to hire competent quality teaching employees and a highly skilled course curriculum. In the past, famous writers and scientists were created reading under sun and moonlight. There were instances of scholars reading under traffic lights in their school days. Noble laureate C.V. Raman’s laboratory was a simple laboratory. It would feel now as pre-historic science laboratory.

In modern time, many educational institutions prefer to spend a huge sum on building and managing science laboratory. In this manner, the primary objective of education is completely ignored. A safe education institution is all about making and creating a worthy and congenial teaching atmosphere. In earlier times, inside medical colleges, teachers showed their fingers as the replacement of test tube baby demonstration. In this manner, they taught medical science to students. A good teacher should not depend upon the laboratory all the time, to make pupils to understand, his point of view. A skillful teacher can, go further, and illuminate on the subject with him, lucid description and intellectual power.  Now, we are living in the age of advertisement, examination and function. Most of scholastic institutions are stressing on smooth admission processes, a single day election, fixed duration of the cultural program, and proper conduct of the examination and declaration of result. Then, how to preserve question paper in a secure locker and how to stop examination malpractices are becoming prime objective for us.

Most of their time wasted in conducting such and such programs. In this process, we are forgetting the foremost attributes related to scholastic institutions. The main objectives of any educational institutions should be, such as:

  • How to create a practical educational system?
  • How to appoint highly skilled teachers?
  • How to develop a curriculum, which is to be based on national and international courses?
  • How to develop skills and creativity among pupils?
  • How to impart practical education to pupils, in lieu of creating smarter professionals?
  • How to create a simple yet intellectual courseware so that, students can understand it all by them? How to create a cooperative educational environment inside educational institution?

At present times, all these weighty element of education is completely neglected. We are following the shadows of the educational environment by implementing token gestures such as infrastructure, elections, campaigning and cultural programs. As a consequence, tuition oriented elder brother and sister is unable to teach their younger sibling. They are advising them, to reach out to tuitions for doubt clearances. Due to missing of primary objectives, wide scale failure of originality in education and teaching is prevalent among students. We are travelling inside shadow roads.


Science generates room for originality. Awaited to science, man has become industrious. In this century, industry powered man is showcasing his ultimate efficiency, and sheer zeal to become number one in these cut throat competitive environment. In order to stay ahead of the race, the man is forgetting himself, and slowly turning into iron man. Machines have no feelings such as love, compassion and kindness. Human, the creator of machines is slowly turning into a man, without any such feelings. These are not the primary goal of science. The structure of broad united family is rarely found. Small and nuclear families are cropping up here and there. Owing to this, there is the sizable loss of basic human values. Humans are social and rational animals. Slowly, they are becoming anti-social and irrational animals with a machine mind, above his shoulder.

Few years back family means amalgamation of parents, sibling and grandparents. Slowly, their sons and daughters get married and their family gets expansion. Head of family tries hard to sustain livelihood. Due to rise in inflation and prices of essential commodities the financial health of a family becomes a matter of grave concern. Persons inside of a united family, want to be liberated themselves from these serious fiscal constraints. They want to create their own identity by joining services, and earning handsomely. Younger people in the family, after getting into self-employment mode, they tend to prefer to stay alone, in order to enjoy fiscal liberty and burden. They prefer to stay in the nucleus family and avoid uniting family. Some other reasons for creation of the nuclear family are:

  • Inflation
  • Rise of population
  • Price rise of essential commodities 
  • Wide spread poverty 
  • Increase of education 
  • Advent of modern society
  •  Innovation in science and technology
  •  Industrialization 
  • Change of environment
  • Professional commitments

Children stay outside native city. They create nucleus family. It is limited to parents and children. On the united family, one brother stay outside of indigenous town owing to education and service, on the other hand further brother, stays inside native village and resort to age old family work. This creates stiff economic disparities among siblings. Difference of education and money makes a great divide among siblings. This creates confusion among siblings. Ultimately, this makes nucleus family. With the incursion of modern life style and education, some siblings have exposure to modern life styles and the latest technologies. This generates digital divide among siblings. Owing to professional commitments, some siblings have to start, far distant from their native places. They used to reach out to their native villages once or twice a year. This generates meaningful division of thoughts among themselves. This has huge behavioral impacts on brothers. This has resulted in a decrease of affections and attachments among relatives. This creates a division among them. It shows more on their offspring, who used to live within nucleus families. The sheer involvement among all the family members begins to shake.

There are families where literacy rate among ladies is higher than male. With due course of time, they want to compensate income of their family by going through jobs. This is making surplus money with a better and improved life style. After getting financial freedom both male and female are trying to stay unmarried and enjoy their life. They tend to forget the basic values and ethos of an age older marriage institution. Individualism crops up in their mind and they want to stay alone, in order to avoid bondages of marriage. They engage in live in and open relationships. Most of the times, these relationships are ending with solo parent phenomena. All these factors are affecting emotionally and psychologically to the child. Child grows in a home environment. By forgetting the foremost objectives of marriage as an institution, many young professionals are following the mirage of short term live in or open or contractual relationships. They will pay a heavy price in the later stages of their life.

Degrading marriage institutions:

With sufficient educational qualification men and women are getting higher paying premium jobs. With the advent of economic reform, multinational companies are allowed to open their industry here. This is generating huge employment opportunities for professionally qualified educated individuals. They are paying a high salary. Immature people are enjoying financial freedom ever than before. They are spending lavishly. With the advent of broad band and wireless mobile internet, they are always connected with various social-networking websites. They are interested in promoting virtual (Internet) relationships. They hate the actual relationship age old elementary principle of relationship is marriage. They dislike all these communal institutions. They are thinking that marriage is meant to make bondage and curtail liberties. Even if they marry, they send their children to boarding school. Their children are devoid of basic parental guidance and affections. They are staying at boarding school from five to age 20 years. Scheduled to this, cultural and religious ethos is completely missing in them. Their parents are running after ancillary part of relationships, which are affecting their descendant aplenty. If they have chosen the straightforward objective, of marriage, then they should have seen the prudent results through their offspring. Instead, they are running behind the shadows. It is a mirage. Ultimately, they are going to realize this, then there is no time left for them to recuperate.


The contemporary definition of a hospital is a vast architecture with multi-storied buildings, colorful glasses and a delightful garden in the front. Curative facilities are becoming secondary and ancillary objectives. Every treatment procedures starting from viral fevers have to go under specified requisition diagnosis processes. A patient has to wait for one or two full days, to receive the report of diagnosis. For simple treatment, the patient is referred to diagnosis such as ultrasound, x-rays and other conventional diagnostic procedures. Machines are detecting your diseases. Here, pragmatic knowledge of doctors is not a necessary. Everything is depending upon machines and their results. Unlike in the past, there are some doctors, who use their creative knowledge in detecting diseases within seconds. In the past, there were some doctors, by mere smelling of mouth of patients, they can detect appendices diseases.


The main objective to enter into politics is to be part of nation building, good administration, and conservation of natural and mineral resources and creation of a civilized environment, through the creation of a congenial environment. In contemporary politics, most politicians are forgetting the basic tenets of effective politics. They are following easy secondary populist measures. Most of them are indulging into vote bank politics. Administrations are in a competitive process to announce numerous freebies and gifts. Giveaways to voters are including bicycle, television sets, sari, ornaments, laptops, etc. Now, voters will receive direct cash in their bank account from government. Due to all these freebies, there is degradation of human resource, citizens’ responsibility and self-respect.

On the other hand, it is making citizens more dependent on government. People should not receive money without work. It is going to reduce his respect. It is going to change his outlook towards money, due to the advent of easy money.  He is going to forget the labor behind the production of distinct rice. He is going to forget what it is behind to earn money. He will forget the happiness of earnings. He will be lazy. He will forget the basic intrinsic value, attached with a single penny. With due course of time, he is going to lose respect from his own children. All these freebies are making him lazy psychologically and physically. Thus, he will lose control of tolerance and anger. The human resource of India is going downwards. A stealth scenario will prevail all over. If this continues for a longer time, it is going to affect productivity of the nation. It is going to halt severely nation building. It is starting to show in our basic attitudes. When there is ample scale news about Chinese incursions inside the northern border, most citizens are showing frozen hands to these momentous news. On the other hand, most politicians are running behind shadows of politics, as they are implementing minimal objectives of politics. Instead, politics is needed to actively involve in building smart citizens. While giving away freebies to citizens, they are actively destroying productive potential of citizens.


For how many days, one is going to follow shadows and remains as shadow citizens. In the modern day world, which is highly mechanized, following large scale scientific inventions, humans are living in a materialistic world inclusive of simulated realities. They are bending back from genuine relationships. Age-old philosophical ethics are left behind. It is time to ponder our past in the present time, to relieve pressure from the future.

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