Determination and desire do not constitute the religion of soul, but the mind. Wisdom, happiness, sadness, desire, envy, care, theism and atheism are not the nature of soul. Salvation breeds no desire, but stops and relinquishes determination and desire. A man on his way to salvation is found happy and contented, completely drenched in satisfaction all over. The soul completely purified and faced off all desires and determinations slowly, but steadily moves towards salvation where no conflict of interest exists except the soul mingling with the Almighty.

Static wisdom:

Saints and seers are born with static wisdom which ordinary people don’t possess ordinarily. They also feel the pleasure and pain as we do, but the silver lining between them and us is that we get easily affected or perturbed by pleasure or pain due to our dynamic response, but they remain unmoved and unfazed by incidents of any nature because they possess static wisdom. They don’t cry at any major mishap, nor do they laugh or receive highest contentment when happiness dawns on them. Birth and death are coincidence. Whether a saint or not, anybody born in this mundane world is bound to die.

It is our response and approach to death which make it tragic. Similarly, overwhelming with joyous impatience is over-reaction and unnecessary because both the happiness and sorrow are going to overlap in life and the presence of one is inconceivable without the other. Sadness is a delusion born out of our ignorance only. Saints with static wisdom have no ignorance, no breeding and no over-response. A man with static wisdom is neither afraid of anybody, nor frowns at anybody because he is endowed with the rare qualities of containing and controlling anger, fear and ire.

Anger wrecks desire:

A chain of actions and reactions characterize human lives when confronted with a fervent desire to own something and the failures to get its possession of. Suddenly, anger wrecks desire. The more the desire, the more the tension and the more are the loss of memory. On loss of memory and the wisdom, a man is as good as a log of wood. Suppressing sense may be difficult, but, certainly, not impossible. Getting rid of the effect of the senses means getting into the arena of salvation. Sure and static intelligence is available to someone who is not volatile or a victim of the senses.

Conscientious people use their eyes and ears to see and listen to the holy and the pure even in the darkest of nights and amid loudness and disturbance. They close their eyes and ears to even sense and sound in the brilliant rays of the broad day light. On the other hand, the unconscientious people see what their eyes show them or the ears listen to without ever turning to the elevated wisdom of distinction between the good and the evil. The unconscientious people are always busy in the material aspect of life enjoying all matters to the greatest possible extent which their senses do offer.

The hidden Doer:

Saints and introspective prefer mind to matter and go for the spiritual, rather than the material. As all rivers falling into the sea do not change the size and the character of the sea, similarly, with all sense known and experienced by saint or a seer, no change in his life-style is seen or found. Desire does not breed peace, but lack of does it certainly. The man, who is not driven by the senses or overwhelmed by abundant availability of his longings, does not get overjoyed or over-awed, but gets lasting peace and ultimate salvation.

Work is worship and duty is divine. These are the ever-green, electrifying words told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. Duty purifies the inner sole. Body has to be kept fit by food and water. The task assigned to man has to be completed with full devotion and determination and without aspiring for the outcome. Egoistic people misconceive themselves as doers. In fact, all works and deeds are pre-destined and pre-planned. The hidden Doer does all things and we just watch it done. “Ill got, ill spent”. Wife and son don’t enjoy ill-got property posthumously. The ill-earned money falls into the hands of the evil and the wicked.

However, money earned by dint of hard labor, perseverance and dutifulness stays as a keep-sake for the sons and wife to enjoy. Rebirth is due to regeneration of desire. Continuously, permanence and perpetuity are the characteristics of desire. A question may arise as to why God takes rebirth despite being away from the senses and desire. It is not in His own interest that He takes birth again and again. Nonetheless, that is not characterized as rebirth because it is for the betterment of the world that He is born. He is untouched by the mundane birth, death, tears and old age. Neither we should envy God, nor can we become one. He, who knows, “atman”, finds a way out of rebirth having direct communion and dilution with God, consequent upon which “Brahmato” (the ultimate salvation) are attained.


God’s grace is manifest in the human and animal kingdom alike. Selfishness and partiality are two words which do not decorate the dictionary of God. Whosoever calls Him in distress is helped by Him depending on the manner they call Him. Offering of all types is accepted by Him and from all persons irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion.

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