Culture plays an important role in the development of a person. Particularly, in a country like india, culture is everything. It is the pride of our nation. India has several states and each state has its own cultural and moral values. Also each state has its own food habits, dress codes, god of worship, festivals languages, etc., Altogether when we see india, it will look like a mini world having huge things grouped together in one nation. But we people didnt understand the worth of our culture and its golden values. Every thing is westernized today. We love to be like that. But other countries appreciate our family system, savings habit, food, ayurvedic medicines, etc., They also started following our food habits and our very own yoga for their well being. Our people are opposite to this. Especially, our youngsters are becoming westernized. Whether it is good to forget our own culture and adopting to some other culture?. No. It is like forgetting  our mother. Today everything is fast. Starting from early morning until we go to bed. That is adopted in our food habits also. For example, fast food. It goes fastly inside our stomach and destroys our health at the same rate. The next factor is the dress code. This is the reason for many problems in our country directly (or) indirectly. Even after that, Whether our youngsters are concious about that ?. No. They dont mind about that and not hearing the words of elders when they tell about their appearance and all. Next, the most spoken word of today is abroad. Our youngsters want to go to abroad for everything. It is the aim of most of the youngsters today. Are we going in the right path?. This is the patriotism we are having for our country?. No. If we people dont respect our culture, then who else will do that?. Think well. If we keep on going abroad and working for others, they will flourish and we have to work as a slave for them always. Money is important in life.But Money alone cant bring everything in life. So, it is the time to think about the necessary steps we have to follow in order to save our culture. The steps we need to take are as follows:

1.Parents should brought up the children by insisting them the values of our indian culture by following them in their day-to-day routine. 

2. Buy and make them to buy products that are relevant to our culture. Starting from food,clothes, etc.,

3. Parents should understand that our country is not less than any other countries. They should understand this first. Also they should not force their children to go abroad for work. 

4. If children want to work abroad, they should insist them to work at our country.

5. Parents may also insist them to be an enterpreneur. It will lead to the development of our country.

 These are some of the steps we need to follow. Everything should start from elders. If elders starts following indian culture more, our children will automatically used to it and follow it. By that, our country will get developed in all the aspects and it ill grow in to the status of developed country, not an developing country any more.

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