The land Hindustan is the abode of the Hindus , a religion as well as a way of life for as long as civilization has existed. It is the oldest religion in the world and has a deep philosophy. But this religion presides over a fractured society, where deep divisions are effected with the Varna system. In a way it brings out a schism in  Hindu society. In real terms this division of Hindu society has had a deleterious effect on India in its entirety as a great and significant part of the Hindu population were forbidden to bear arms or change their profession. This led to a psychosis of fear among the lower castes and it was manifested in implicit and expicit obedience and "Ji Huzoor" attitude.

When the Hindus faced the Muslim invadors from the 7th century onwards, the schisms in Hindu society came to the fore and despite tremendous bravery the Hindu were defeated. Then followed 900 years of subjugation and Muslim rule. The Southern states were overthrown by the Muslims a little later , but Muslim rule was firmly established in the southern bastions of Hyderabad and Mysore.

This 900 years of Muslim rule in their own land created a myth of the meek and mild Hindu. This is articulated by the famous Goan writer and Journalist Frank Moraes. The fact is that the rulers were only a fraction of the population at any given time, yet the bulk of the Hindu masses accepted their rule and paid Jizziya and other taxes willingly. This reinforces the myth of the meek and mild Hindu and is not something to be proud off. One can now realize that it must be an anamoly of history that a race that numbered anytime between 150-200 million were ruled by a handful of Muslim warriors. How did this happen ? Why could not these Hindus unite and throw the invaders out ? there are so many reasons , but caste and a laid back and fatalistic attitude  are the culprits.

The arrival of the English in the guise of the East India Company was the call of history and Hindus could breathe freely again. But now even after 1947 the 'tolerence' of the rulers and lack of decisive approach may again  spell doom for the Hindus.  The fanaticism for religion and the nation is still missing and people are again talking as the old Hindus used to do. In that respect Hindu society has not changed and this tolerance may be the anchor around the neck. Maybe Frank Moraes was right after all.

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  1. Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

Nice that Hindu is accepted as religion whereas many just say that this is not religion but a way of life. Religion is a set of beliefs that somebody inherits just as property.

  1. MG Singh    Gulshan Kumar Ajmani

Thank you Gulshan, I am firmly convinced that Hinduism is a religion and an excellent exposition is given by Dr. S Radhakrishnan in his book " Hinduism". He was President of India

  1. MG Singh

I shudder to think what would have happened in case the British had not come to India. The "meek and Mild " hindu would have continued to be ruled by the Muslims and where would we be in 21st century? a Muslim state ?

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